Friday Favorites: Cozy Season

I experienced my first below -40 day, I think ever, and now all I want to do is curl up under blankets with hot chocolates, teas, and coffees, bowls of soup or pasta and nest. I saw a meme or quote, I'm not sure which it would be, that said "all the other mammals hibernate … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Cozy Season

January in Review

I don't think I have anything to say about January that hasn't already been said, it is the slowest moving month of the year and between the lockdown and my job the pandemic fatigue really hit me super hard this month. I did do Dry January, and it was interesting because I can normally go … Continue reading January in Review

Saturday Scroll: 01/07/22

Happy first weekend of the year everyone! Was this week especially brutal for anyone else? I know most places in the world haven't gone back into some kind of lockdown, but lots have, so this weekend I will be cleaning my apartment for the new year (I wasn't here before the actual new year, I … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 01/07/22

October in Review

October was a surprisingly great month. I am really starting to feel settled here and like I am building a community here. It was a really good feeling to have social plans again. It just felt good to be around people outside of work. I have been saying for months that I was going to … Continue reading October in Review

Halloween Costumes for Gingers (redheads)

I used to STRUGGLE to find pop culture Halloween costumes to wear that didn't require me to change or cover up my hair. In my opinion, my arguably either strawberry blonde, ginger, or auburn, depending on the season, hair is my best feature and I don't want to cover it up or change it even … Continue reading Halloween Costumes for Gingers (redheads)

Halloween Movie Marathon

It's the most, wonderful time of the year - for popular movie lovers. Listen, other seasons have great movies and films, Christmas has great movies. There are amazing seasonless movies, but Halloween movies are a genre on another level. These are the most fun movies, even if you're a little scared or they're completely ridiculous, … Continue reading Halloween Movie Marathon

Fall Movies List : Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I like to plan a fall movie marathon for Thanksgiving weekend because I normally spend that holiday alone. I separate these from Halloween movies, I watch those after Thanksgiving because I'm a weirdo who likes to compartmentalize my holidays and enjoy each one before jumping to the next one. … Continue reading Fall Movies List : Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

Obsessions: May 8

I think I hit a new stage of the pandemic this week. The just exhausted stage, I was going to bed at 10pm every night and sleeping until 7:30 and having to drag myself out of bed and even took a lunch time nap on Wednesday. I have no clue what is going on. Instagram … Continue reading Obsessions: May 8