Thoughts On Emergency Funds

Last week I found myself thinking about drawing on my emergency fund, not for an emergency but for a variety of potential things: summer tires for my car, to make a bigger dent in my credit card debt, to not use overdraft, to buy a kitchen island, and a million other things. I sometimes find … Continue reading Thoughts On Emergency Funds

The Friday Edit: Vol. 9

What I Did// The last two weeks have been absolutely bonkers, I am back to volunteering remotely and I spend so much time in meetings now. At work, after work, it's nearly 8, 9 pm by the time I get done. I'm not mad about it, but it has been a lot lately. I also … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 9

A Week in Outfits

I talked about it last week, but the daily reminders to take these pictures on my phone has been such a game changer. A second week in a row where I remembered every single day. That has quite literally never happened. High: Really feeling back to normal. I am definitely still very stiff and tight … Continue reading A Week in Outfits

Two Years in Northwestern Ontario

I still can't quite believe that I am writing this. When I got the job that moved me up here, I told myself that I would just be here long enough to make enough money to be able to move to a big city and get enough work experience to be able to get a … Continue reading Two Years in Northwestern Ontario

A Week in Outfits

I did something radical and so obvious that I cannot believe I didn't think of it sooner, I set a reminder on my phone to take these pictures everyday. I didn't miss a single day this week. This has not happened in months. High: I drove down to Thunder Bay for a few hours on … Continue reading A Week in Outfits

March State of the Union

March so far has been a weird, intense, interesting, and beginning to be fun month. It's been a month of realizing things, which has to be Kylie Jenner's most enduring impact on me. March Bucket List Get a new piercing Start going for walks again Make an Ulster Fry for Paddy's Day - including learning … Continue reading March State of the Union

The Friday Edit: Vol 8

I missed this post last week, I wrote last week about getting out of a funk, and then promptly continued to be in one, but I spent last weekend really working on things that were bothering me (and while my tailbone still hurts when I sit on it, my back doesn't hurt anymore which means … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol 8