The Friday Edit Vol. 18

This week was pretty normal and fun, although surprisingly exhausting. It was just office days, trying to do all my chores during the week because I'm tired of spending all my weekends doing chores, and then going to trivia on Wednesday night. Weekend Reads// A list of places you can donate to to support fire … Continue reading The Friday Edit Vol. 18

Financial Fitness Check-In: May ’23

For some reason, I am really struggling with how to start this this month, so I'm just going to start writing and see what happens. This is the overall breakdown of everywhere my money went in the month of May. This chart is very illuminating to me because I would really like to see a … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: May ’23

A Week-ish in Outfits

Last week's high: It has been a very good couple weeks, but I think the highlight has to be either Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday a friend/colleague of mine and I went to a firefighter graduation/fire hall fundraiser for one of the communities we serve and it was just a very wholesome, community-building … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

The Friday Edit: Vol. 17

This was one of the busiest and funnest weeks I've had in a while (and yes, I know "more fun" is grammatically correct, but not as fun as saying funnest). Last Saturday I went to the next town over to run errands, and the girl in Starbucks told me I looked like a Disney Princess. … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 17

May in Review

May may have become my favourite month of the year. Everything is coming back to life, including me. The weather has gotten so good, people are back to being out and about, the lilacs are blooming and life is just good. The water is still too cold, but summer is just beginning. I went down … Continue reading May in Review

A Week-ish in Outfits

This was a great week, summer is here and I am back to thriving. Weekly high: On Saturday I had two woman stop me in Wal-Mart to tell me my hair looked good and the girl at Starbucks told me I looked like a Disney Princess. I was walking on air. You couldn't tell me … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

Summer Reading List

This might sound backwards, but I do most of my reading in the summer. I don't want to be inside looking at screens, and scrolling on your phone in the sun is an impossible task thanks to the glare so I do a lot more reading in the summer than I do in the winter. … Continue reading Summer Reading List

The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

This Past Week// This was a short workweek in Canada thanks to Victoria Day (also known as May 2-4 or May Long, depending on where in the country you are) and I really felt it. Monday I tidied up my apartment, finished stitching a needlepoint, and had some Monday Scaries. Then the rest of the … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

May Favourites

I think May might be my favourite month, at least up here. It is the month that spring finally makes it's appearance up here and if I enjoy anything about up here it's that once warm weather really makes it's appearance it comes so quickly. Like we get about three weeks of spring and then … Continue reading May Favourites