Obsessions: May 8

I think I hit a new stage of the pandemic this week. The just exhausted stage, I was going to bed at 10pm every night and sleeping until 7:30 and having to drag myself out of bed and even took a lunch time nap on Wednesday. I have no clue what is going on.

Instagram obsession: @kristarobertso

So I have followed Krista for ages, but this week she and her husband are on their first vacation in a more normal world and I am LIVING for the way she is so clearly feeling herself on this trip and just having fun, drinking, needlepointing, and having a grand time. It is making me so happy it’s so much fun to see!

I love her style, it’s so classic and preppy and even though she is influencer and obviously her job is marketing and advertising which involves having product and selling products but it doesn’t feel over-consumption-y? Anyways, she is one of my favourite influencers and I’m really looking forward to when my needlepoint spending freeze is over so that I can shop some of her needlepoint designs from her needlepoint company Penny Linn Designs.

TV/movie obsession: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I rewatched this last night and I just love this movie so much. It is so comforting and just feels like a hug.

Podcast Obsession: You’re Wrong About

Okay so I’m pretty sure this was my obsession last week but it is still currently my favourite podcast at the moment. These episodes about Vanessa Williams (the first Black Miss America, the mean boss from Ugly Betty) are so interesting. The part about the nude photos not being considered scandalous because of the nudity but because of the “lesbian-ness” of them blew my mind.

Music obsession: Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

This is another one I’ve done before, but I love this re-do of the album so much. I love hearing how much her voice has improved as she has grown and changed as an artist but how she is still the same and the nostalgia quality of this album is just so good. I can’t wait for the 1989 re-do. It brings my office chair dancing to a whole other level.

I am in love with my most recent needlepoint canvas finish. I cannot wait to send it out to be finished. I love this because of the magnolia print. Growing up one of my friends had a big magnolia tree out in their side-yard and the leaves formed this big canopy and there was this little gap and when it rained you could play under it and not get wet. They also just smell so fantastic. They are one of the things I miss most about the South.

Have a great weekend!


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