Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues

This wonderful interview with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home and inventor of the Nap Dress I want oh so desperately.

I can’t decide if I’m cheugy or not, but caring would definitely be cheugy of me.

Is it terrible that I am jealous of re-entry anxiety?

This article about post-vaccine inertia has me feeling a little better about how I likely will be after my second dose. Not that I have any clue when that will be, except sometime before the end of July given Canada’s extended 16 week dose window.

“Time is but a stream I go a-fishin’ in” is a line that makes me want to read Thoreau, which I have never said before.

About once a day I say “When I have $10,000 saved up I’m moving to London/Paris/Madrid/NYC/Charleston/Southern California” and Venita Aspen’s backyard makeover has Charleston bumped to the top of that list today.

I know these have been everywhere but as someone who used to work in vet med these tik toks are so dang good. The chihuahua kills me. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (the only way the pug could be more perfect is if he did the nail trim death scream), Part 4 (the pom just needs to start spraying urine), Part 5, Part 6. I am fully in tears and had to take a minute to breathe after watching all of those to link. My week is made.

I’m probably going to pull some of these books from Carly’s booklist for May because I am in such a reading rut and need some fluff.

I’ve been trying to read more about fatphobia lately. Where it is a stigma not a fear of becoming fat yourself or hating yourself for being fat (although it could be argued that those things are because of the stigma. This piece about Hollywood hiring actually fat actors rather than continuing to put straight-size people in fat suits is one of those pieces.

How a skin-tight piece of clothing with skinny literally in the name changed fashion for plus-sized women.

Sometimes getting out debt, working to become financially healthier, better off, can seem pointless sometimes. Debt is so normalized why not just have it? So what’s the point?

I think that one of the things that makes Falcon and the Winter Soldier so magical is how it finesses the battle of being a Black man in America. There is something in how it captures the role of men like Colin Kaepernick with the tragic and terrible history of the Tuskegee Syphilis Trials with the police violence (even when there is no shooting or typical violence) with how Bucky and Steve could never understand the burden they were giving Sam and the power and joy that Black men should get to have unbothered. This article is much more eloquent than I can be about that.

I have wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby for most of my life. Part of it was reading the Thoroughbred book series as a child, generally being a horse girl, and wanting to be a jockey until I topped 5’2″ at 12. But now a big part of it is the hats in addition to the horses. Where else do you have an opportunity to dress up like this?? I am so glad it’s back.

I really wanted to have music or a podcast or a video to add here, but I just don’t have anything that I have particularly loved this past week. So maybe I’ll recommend a walk?

Have a great rest of your week!


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