October in Review

October was a surprisingly great month. I am really starting to feel settled here and like I am building a community here. It was a really good feeling to have social plans again. It just felt good to be around people outside of work.

I have been saying for months that I was going to walk this walking path along the highway for months now, however I think I picked the best time of year for it. It was a perfect temperature and so pretty with the leaves changing.

Crunching leaves on the beach was a new experience for me.

I started doing a lot of walks to this nearby nature park in the evening, it’s already now starting to get dark too early to do this safely on my own, but it was really gorgeous to be out there at golden hour almost every night.

Every night I am reminded why this region is called “Sunset Country”.

I’m sorry Mom, but this was honestly one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I have ever had. The broccoli salad and sweet potato pie were sooooo good!

When I was pet sitting, I would take the dog to run at this old mill area. It was so pretty.

This sunrise I caught one morning was so beautiful. I can’t really see them from my apartment even now that the sun isn’t rising until close to 8am.

A great Sunday morning. Where I was pet sitting had cast iron pans and I am SOLD. They make cooking so easy, even if I was worried that I was going to clean them wrong.

Mean Girls meets Harry Potter, could you make a millenial any happier?

I got to travel up to Webequie First Nation with work, it was such a fun nation to visit!

I talked a few friend into going to the drive-in movies to see Shang-Chi, it was so good and we had this super cool full moon moment over the screen. Although the rain did make it a bit challenging to watch the movie.

I had been craving bagel-lox for weeks and I finally bought some smoked salmon a couple Fridays ago and then froze it so that I was able to have it over several weekends and it was perfect.

I finally bought a couch!! I’m going to do a full apartment update post next week, I think, but I am so excited and it just really makes the space feel so comfy, cozy, and complete.

This Ginger-Chicken Ramen Recipe from Half-Baked Harvest recipe was so delicious.

I also got this canvas from Morgan Julia Designs – she did it as a super limited run and I just had to have it. It’s a Kasey Musgraves quote and I can just see it finished as a brown leather clutch with fringe on the back and I needed it!

This cartoon made me laugh and triggered a thought that maybe I should have dressed up as a Pringle for Halloween (single as a Pringle, if you don’t have the same jokes).

I took maybe 3 pictures over Halloweekend and this is the only one I like!

Well actually, this is also from Halloween night. I consumed some absinthe I’ve been carrying around since I went to Prague in 2014. Last time I had absinthe I did not respond well and broke up with my boyfriend over Facebook Messenger from my hostel bunk bed in Prague. He doesn’t know that, so if you know him, maybe don’t tell him? Or do you? I have put it publicly out on the internet now so it’s my own fault lol!

I hope you had a great October! I actually am really starting to feel settled and like I am starting to build friendships and a community here. Oh, and I was made permanent at my job! So I won’t have to move again in March which is super exciting and is definitely better for my mental and financial health. I’m putting together a bit of a list for November, November can be a bit dull in Canada, winter is really starting to set in but we don’t have any holidays this month because we celebrate Thanksgiving is in October here. It’ll be pretty low budget because my winter snow tires are going to be a lot more expensive than I was anticipating and I have to plan to drive home in December for Christmas but I can already see November absolutely flying by!

Have a great day!


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