Saturday Scroll

Nylon did a Buffy week this week and I loved every second of it: The Big Bads Ranked, The Beauty Looks, The Couples (Willow and Oz should be higher), and the best musical moments.

A list of witchy TV shows and movies to snuggle up with this Halloweekend.

Round-up season is starting: Vogue’s list of the best TV of 2021.

A beautiful editorial on how el Día de los Muertos is celebrated in Oaxaca, Mexico.

A really interesting interview with the cast, crew, director, and the write of the book that inspired Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie.

Not partying this Halloween? Try this list of cozy Halloweekend activities instead.

This post of Grace’s made me realize that we moved around the same time, and totally inspired me to do a similar reflection style post, coming soon.

Not the right season, but a lavender vanilla iced latte sounds absolutely superb!

Vogue’s list of the best podcasts of 2021 – I’m really excited for this as I’ve been looking for new shows AND I love to see You’re Wrong About getting the recognition it deserves.

The forever-renters.

There has been so much stuff coming out about how bad social media really is this month, but the fact that Meghan Markle really has had a coordinated Twitter attack against her is very vindicating for those of us who think she’s been treated foully.

I don’t know how to feel about this, but Hinge is letting you add voice to your dating profile.

Are we all have personal style crises right now?

I actually really love her home, and that she has her Teen Choice Awards Surfboards up, they seem like an award that people would get too cool for, but she’s like “I know where I came from” which seemed more down-to-Earth than I expected from her.

With Katie and Blake breaking up, what exactly is the point of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette?

We are starting to hit “boots are the only weather appropriate shoe season” up here, but most of the world lives further south than I do, so if you are still able to expose your ankles, here are some boot alternatives for you.

As someone who barely manages a four-day DuoLingo streak, Carly’s 1000 day streak is hugely inspiring!

On not needing to earn joy.

How to improve your mobility when you sit at a desk all day.

There is a new, really interesting study, looking at people who may be genetically resistant to SARS-CoV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), they are just at the beginning of it, but it’s really interesting to see what may happen.

Have a great Halloween weekend! If you are still looking for something to do I have a really fun list of Halloween movies here. Have fun and stay safe!


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