Friday Favourites: Halloween and High School Nostalgia

I have done very little but work this week. I am dragging myself out of bed each day at the last possible moment to still be able to conduct some personal hygiene before I sit down at my desk. I have no clue why I am so exhausted and it makes me nervous about how tired I will be when the sun is coming up at 9:30 a.m. and setting at 4:00 p.m.! But even though I am tired and exhausted, I am also in a good mood? I don’t really know how that works, but I’m here for it.

Instagram Favourite: Arianna @butlikemaybe

We’ve got a lot of Lady Lovin’ source material on here this week! I started following @butlikemaybe after she was on the Lady Lovin’ podcast back in 2017. She does these super fun and relatable cartoon on Instagram. I have no clue how she draws on her phone, but that’s why she is the artist and not me! I particularly love the cartoon music videos she will do – it’s just so fun!

Movie/TV Favourite: Jennifer’s Body (Disney+)

So I had never seen this movie before, it came out in 2009, so I would have been 15 or 16. But probably 15 because if I had my own money I can’t imagine me not going to see it in theatres in high school? It’s an excellent movie, the cast is unbelievable – Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, Chris Pratt (the worst Chris, but still one of the Great Hollywood Chrises), JK Simmons, Amy Sedaris, so many great actors. Also I have questions. Disney – this is NOT a Disney movie, underage sex, man-eating demons, demon killing, mass murder?????? I do not understand how this is on Disney+. Also Megan Fox, I love you, I have been obsessed with you since Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but why is Jennifer the main advertisement and marketing for this movie, when Amanda Seyfried’s Needy is far and away the protagonist, main character, and narrator of the movie? Was it just a sex sells movie?

I just noticed this movie is rated R, I was the most 12 year old looking 15 year old so yeah that’s probably why I didn’t get to see it when it came out. And then Megan Fox had that thing happen with female actors where everyone hates them all of a sudden? So I wouldn’t have gone to see it.

Podcast Favourite: Senior Superlative with Greta Titleman

Okay, I don’t know why I always hesitate to add in a new podcast when it is from someone I love and know is hilarious. I started listening to Greta way back in her Lady Lovin’ days with Jilly Hendrix and Lo Bosworth and her Instagram is one of the funniest places on the Internet. She does these characters and the Step-Mom and Gossip Mag are so amazing. But she has this new limited series (I think) podcast called Senior Superlatives and she has other funny people on and they go into who they were in high school and it’s so nostalgic and absolutely hilarious (also so far everyone on it is older than me and I am also enjoying this fact). It is so good. So far I think my favourite episode is the one with Sydnee Washington, but I am saving the one with Benito Skinner aka BennyDrama for my walk this weekend because I know it will be so good.

Wildcard Favourite 1: This Ramen Recipe from Half-Baked Harvest

This is so good! It makes a lot of food, I think I may be having the last portion tonight for dinner. I also made ramen eggs, which aren’t in Teghan’s recipe, but are essential to make this the replacement for ramen I am looking for. It also doesn’t really taste like take-out ramen. It has more curry flavours, which makes sense given the ingredients. I have to admit that I was nervous about squash in my ramen but it is really good! I used acorn squash and you don’t have to peel the squash it cooks up perfectly with it.

Wildcard Favourite 2: My new couch!!

Please ignore that my curtains don’t match, I thought I was buying a four pack but the other half were missing! Be careful at HomeSense!

I am so excited! I am so comfortable, I’ve had this home since Sunday and it just makes my apartment look so complete and furnished (even though I still need rugs and lamps and art). And I didn’t know I had missed the feeling of being so comfortable you feel asleep somewhere that isn’t your bed.

I have a lot of cleaning plans this weekend to finish up the Fall Cleaning Challenge on time, and then I’m hoping to get some trick-or-treaters, and maybe a Halloween party? It’s been a what do I need to do in the next hour? kind of week and I think that will be extending into the weekend!

Have a great, safe, fun, and spooky Halloween!


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