Fall Movies List : Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I like to plan a fall movie marathon for Thanksgiving weekend because I normally spend that holiday alone. I separate these from Halloween movies, I watch those after Thanksgiving because I’m a weirdo who likes to compartmentalize my holidays and enjoy each one before jumping to the next one. I also have a separate Halloween Movie post coming and I don’t want to duplicate content!

Category: Academia

The Harry Potter Series

But most especially, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, this movie has the best back to school vibes, and the uniforms and the magic, make it an excellent fall movie. The back to school vibes maybe mean it’s a September movie, but I put it in the fall movies category. I own these on Apple TV, they can be rented through Apple, or streamed on Peacock, but I don’t know anyone who has ever even heard of Peacock.

Good Will Hunting

So I have never seen this movie, but it looks like the ultimate fall, dark academia movie. And I feel like I should see it, it’s an iconic movie. Although I just realized that I was 4 when it came out, so it makes sense that I haven’t seen it. This one is on Netflix!

Dead Poet’s Society

This is another movie that I haven’t seen, but the academia vibes mean that it is absolutely a fall movie. This can be rented on Amazon Prime and is available to stream on Disney+.

Mona Lisa Smile

I’m feeling like a terrible movie watcher, because here’s another classic I haven’t seen, but again academia vibes. And baby Julia Stiles !! This is available to rent on Apple TV. I can’t find it on a streaming service so far.

Category: Fall Classics

You’ve Got Mail

I mean, duh. This is available to stream on Crave and for rent on Apple TV.

When Harry Met Sally

Again, duh. This one is also to stream on Crave and for rent on Apple TV.

Category: Football

Remember the Titans

Where I grew up (and in most of North America) Fall=Football. This one is available on Disney+ and for rent on Apple TV.

Friday Night Lights

Again, fall = football. This is available to stream on Crave and to rent on Apple TV.

The Blind Side

I loved this movie, but I don’t know if I can see past the white saviourism anymore, but I’ll watch it again to see. Available to stream on Netflix.


I love this movie, this kid has dreamt for his whole life about playing football at Notre Dame and works and works and works until he gets to. This one is really accessible, it’s on Netflix and Crave and free on the Roku Channel.

Category: Actually set during Thanksgiving

Scent of a Woman

This seems so cute, a prep school kid tries to make some money baby sitting and ends up baby sitting a blind war vet over Thanksgiving. This only seems to be available on something called V Media according to my Roku app.

Category: Only Tangentially Fall?

Knives Out

Another one I’ve never seen, but I think it’s only autumnal thanks to Chris Evans in cable knit. Which like, yeah I get that. Streaming on Amazon Prime.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I think this one is only autumnal because of the colour palette. Streaming on Disney+.

I have a feeling this is definitely more movies than I can watch in one weekend, even a long weekend, but my goodness this looks fun! A fuzzy blanket, hot tea or hot chocolate, thick socks and snacks seems ideal.

I’m so excited already!


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