January in Review

I don’t think I have anything to say about January that hasn’t already been said, it is the slowest moving month of the year and between the lockdown and my job the pandemic fatigue really hit me super hard this month.

I did do Dry January, and it was interesting because I can normally go a couple months without having a drink without really even noticing, but I don’t know if it was because I was telling myself I couldn’t have a drink, but there were nights when I wanted a drink, and that’s not really normal for me. So I don’t know if it backfired on me a bit, but I really thought it was weird that I don’t normally crave a drink, but that there were days in Dry January that I did. But I was successful, I almost bought a bottle of wine yesterday to have tonight, but the wine and beer section of the grocery store was closed, so I didn’t.

When I was in Guelph I had to stop in Balzac’s, they aren’t just in Guelph, but they aren’t outside of Southern Ontario. I was crushed that they weren’t allowing you to sit in, because I just wanted to have a main character moment with my book and my coffee. But I was still so glad to be there again.
The classic Toronto moment (peep the hockey skates)

They also have a free special exhibit on COVID-19 and masks as self-expression. Obviously this feels different now that we should all be wearing medical or N95 masks, but look at how beautiful these are. I just adore the beaded masks with the hat and earrings.

I also went to the Native People’s of Canada exhibit (I think this might be new? newish?) and they had this were you could leave tobacco as a thank you. I didn’t have any to leave, but I loved that it was there and a true acknowledgement that the curators actually did pay attention to Indigenous traditions.
The Royal Ontario Museum from Bloor Street.
This building across the street from the ROM, I looked up from my phone while I was waiting for my friend and noticed this window and just loved it.
SUSHI, I was so excited. I miss sushi so much.
We stayed at this roadside motel in Marathon, Ontario on our way back up north. It was crap, but the weather had turned bad after we left Sault Ste. Marie and I was so exhausted and so glad to stop for the night.
A last Starbucks stop in Thunder Bay, and my co-pilot picked up some N95 masks from a friend who had a contact lol.
I haven’t read this book, this isn’t my photo (I think it’s @SimplyElsa) but I loved this quote.
You will see my face outside again in March.
I watched Harry Potter in preparation for the reunion, although I still haven’t watched it.
I made this Half-Baked Harvest soup, and it was quite good and easy to make.
This from Annie, @theLAminimalist, said this in her Sunday Q&A and it stuck with me.
I finally made something from the Well + Good cookbook that I’ve had for years, and the chicken mole was really good. But it’s actually way better as leftovers. It looks it’s best fresh, but it was a bit bitter, and then days 2-4 it was so good.
This sheet pan dinner was delicious. I do need a bigger pan to actually fit most sheet pan dinners on one tray.
Back to my normal weekend breakfasts and loving it (and the sun!).

I am really looking forward to February, I can already see the days getting longer and I can’t wait to continue to see that. I moved here last year on March 15 and I really hope the weather is the same this year, because there was no snow and it was well above zero. I’m also super excited for the Hill House Home drop on the 2nd, and feeling a bit caught up financially after Christmas. Oh! And wrapping up the most painful, excruciating, and demanding work project I’ve ever experienced on the 18th. And lock down ends tonight! Not that it will change my life much, because of where I live. But it will be nice to be able to have more than 5 friends over, because someone has been left out all month.

I hope you also survived January!


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