Saturday Scroll: 01/29/22

Paris Fashion Week is happening, and it is stunning, simple, and unbearably chic.

I haven’t watched this yet, but it will be my Saturday brunch companion.

The fact that I am single does not make actively dating a requirement for my life.

A thorough bashing of Canadian architecture.

I think I may have just been influenced to try flannel sheets again (similarly to the author, I have not used them since uni!)

I need to do a bit of an update on my cold weather skin care.

I’ve been leaning into my cravings for cheesy, warm, comforting foods lately, and I don’t even really like buffalo chicken, but these wraps sound so good.


I have really gotten into a routine of using my ice roller, mine is just from Amazon, but if you want something fancier these all look lovely.

You can’t self-help your way out of your circumstances.

This is a very interesting piece about individualism as a side-effect of “wellness”.

The line sheet for the next Hill House Home Collection is here!

Turn any TV into a Samsung Frame TV with this YouTube Channel, this would probably be best if you pay for YouTube so that you don’t get ads randomly in the middle of your art.

I really enjoyed this analysis of the “That Girl” trend

And an interesting counter-perspective about the un-realism of the healthy eating videos on TikTok.

This is a promotional piece for a movie “Am I OK?” but this article goes deeper than that. Maybe I have moved so often that leaving friends behind has just become part of it, but there is also something soul-rending about leaving friends behind and this really hit it.

This “weekend in the country” packing list is stunning, I can’t afford anything on it, but it’s stunning. I just want to book a flight to my grandparents’ in Northern Ireland and frolic around the sheep fields in it.

I have been single for approximately the last 8 Valentine’s Days, but I love how we all get to embrace pink, flowers, and girly things and it’s just part of it, I love this round up.

I want these shoes desperately.

5 Jewish women on anti-Semitism.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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