Friday Favorites: 01/27/22

I wonder when in your life you stop being overwhelmed by the week’s events. Even when the week only contained the normal events that you expected.

This week started on a low note, with a terrible first day of work that spilled into Tuesday and then a bit into Wednesday, but somehow my mood had improved so it didn’t feel as awful Wednesday. And then it was over and everything was fine and my mood has improved tremendously. Although, it did have me wondering if my new birth control was having an impact on my mood. I haven’t googled it yet.

Social Media Favourite: Olivia Muenter @oliviamuenter on Instagram

I realized after I started following her that I have been reading her writing for years in places like Refinery29, Bustle etc. She is so fun and funny, and quite inspiring. She dresses very well and is close in size to me so I take inspiration from her frequently. She also challenges me to be more colourful and consider crop tops (note: consider, I still do not own nor have worn one. I am also very envious of her morning routine and her beautiful apartment. I would love to live in an apartment with stairs, I don’t know why.

Movie/TV Favourite: The Gilded Age

So this is maybe a bit premature, but I am watching the first episode of The Gilded Age, the new show by Julian Fellows of Downton Abbey fame, and I am in love with it. It’s a period piece, in 1880s New York City. A young woman’s father has died, leaving her penniless, and she comes to the City to live with her estranged aunts. It is at the height of the railway boom and the creation of “New Money” for really the first time in modern history. So far it’s gorgeous and I’m already in love with it. Also Cynthia Nixon and Christine Baranski are the aunts, so you know it will be a fabulous time.

It also is not shying away from the racial issues of the time at all. But I shouldn’t be surprised given that Downton Abbey never strayed from the economic and class issues of their time.

Podcast Favourite: Awesome Etiquette from Emily Post Media

I was influenced to start listening to this podcast by @RudythePrep on Instagram. And I have to admit that I don’t know if I’m sold on the intros to the show. But the actual content is very great and interesting. The answer very modern questions about the way to respond to situations with the most grace and etiquette. But also have updated the idea behind etiquette to say that it is about responding to situations with the most kindness and respect; rather than it being about presenting yourself a certain way.

Random Favourite 1: Whole Bean Coffee and a Coffee Grinder

I got a bag of Balzac’s coffee in my stocking and it was whole bean. So when I got back to Sioux I bought a coffee grinder. It’s just a hand crank coffee grinder. But there’s something about the time it takes, the ritual of it that is very nice in the morning.

This looks like the one I got, I got mine at the local coffee shop and I didn’t pay any attention to the brand, only that it held “two cups worth” of coffee and price.

Random Favourite 2: A second monitor

I went into the office and brought home the monitor that has been sitting on my desk unused for the past 10 months. I am loving having a bigger screen and a second screen. I had two documents open on the monitor screen and then a meeting on my laptop screen and it was amazing. There is so much less switching tabs and windows and it’s just superb.

I have heard rumblings that we are going back into the office, and I think I would like to invest in a monitor for my personal use, but I won’t do that so long as we are work from home.

Have a great Friday!


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