A Week in Outfits

I can’t find a gif of mean girl Kate telling Lizzie McGuire she’s an outfit repeater at 8th grade graduation and I’m very upset because I, Laura Duncan, am a HUGE outfit repeater. I used to be so much more fun and interesting with my outfits, but now I don’t leave the house everyday and I don’t have as much money to spend on clothes as an adult as I did as a teenager because I have bills.

Monday // quarter-button? (I don’t quite know what to call it, it looks like a quarter-zip, but it has buttons instead of a zip – old (from the Pick-it Fence in Pembroke, Ontario last December), leggings (old Joe Fresh) (similar), amazing warm socks.

Tuesday // Dress – old Amazon the Drop x Grace Atwood (I thought this was sold out, but maybe not), Snag Tights

Wednesday // Pullover (blue sold out), Joggers (blue sold out)

Thursday // Sweater (old Madewell), leggings, socks, hair clip (from Clay Moon Co. in Kenora)

Friday// Pullover (old Aerie), leggings (old Joe Fresh) (similar), socks

Saturday // Pullover – Pi Phi merch from undergrad, workout tank (old Joe Fresh) (similar), leggings, slipper socks (Ugg – old) (similar)

Sunday // hoodie (old) (similar), leggings, and I didn’t even notice there was a hole in my sock until right now.

Also, I don’t wear shoes in the house, I never have when we lived in the USA or in Canada and now my aunts and uncles houses in Northern Ireland also don’t allow shoes anymore. But the only shoes I’m wearing at the moment are my L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers, and Sorel snow boots (on sale right now!).

Maybe February will have me feeling like spicing up the clothing choices a bit?


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