The Friday Edit: Vol 8

I missed this post last week, I wrote last week about getting out of a funk, and then promptly continued to be in one, but I spent last weekend really working on things that were bothering me (and while my tailbone still hurts when I sit on it, my back doesn't hurt anymore which means … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol 8

Friday Favorites: Cozy Season

I experienced my first below -40 day, I think ever, and now all I want to do is curl up under blankets with hot chocolates, teas, and coffees, bowls of soup or pasta and nest. I saw a meme or quote, I'm not sure which it would be, that said "all the other mammals hibernate … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Cozy Season

Friday Favorites: 11/24/22

I am so excited to veg on my couch, watch Derry Girls, and rest this weekend. I also have my first week where I'm not traveling for work in over a month and I am so excited to just be here. I also have to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, I did finally order … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 11/24/22

Friday Favorites: 11/04/22

I am so looking forward to the extra hour of sleep we are getting this weekend, even though it means that it's going to be getting dark at 4:30 and we aren't even at the shortest days of the year yet. I also have my first cold since 2019, and good lord I forgot how … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 11/04/22

Friday Favorites: 10/28/2022

I am definitely in a tired season of life. I'm trying to make myself go to bed earlier every night but then I lie in bed listening to my downstairs neighbors play video games or fight or play loud music. Even with ear plugs in. This is also so mundane, but I'm going to start … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 10/28/2022

Friday Favorites: Non-fiction Week

This was supposed to be my first full week back to work after vacation, last Friday was Truth and Reconciliation Day so we were closed, and then Monday is Thanksgiving but I got my fourth dose of the COVID vaccine, the new bivalent vaccine and it decimated me for about 36 hours. I had a … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Non-fiction Week

Friday Favourites: granola bars and Ohio??

This week is such a blur. I pet sat last weekend and left their house at 9 pm on Sunday night. Came home, meal prepped and packed, worked a full day at the office on Monday, flew north to work for the rest of the week in a northern community, been here all week trying … Continue reading Friday Favourites: granola bars and Ohio??

Friday Favorites: 09/02/22

The overall favorite for this week is that I got to mostly work from home, Monday - Wednesday I worked from my pet sit. I was supposed to also work from home Thursday and Friday, but I had to go into the office for a project that was assigned to me at the last minute … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 09/02/22

Friday Favorites: She-Hulk, You’re Maintenance About, and Multiple Coffees

If last week hit me like a truck, this week hit me like a train after being hit by a truck. I covered for my manager for two days while he was away and omg I never want to do that again. Social Media Favorite: Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf Listen (read?), I am basic, I like … Continue reading Friday Favorites: She-Hulk, You’re Maintenance About, and Multiple Coffees

Friday Favorites: Old Marvel and little conveniences

It's been a minute since I've done one of these, as work and social life picked up in the "pandemic recovery period" (we're not post-pandemic, I can't bring myself to say that yet), I didn't always consume enough content in a week to be able to pick favorites. That's why I did my August Favorites … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Old Marvel and little conveniences