Friday Favorites: 11/24/22

I am so excited to veg on my couch, watch Derry Girls, and rest this weekend. I also have my first week where I’m not traveling for work in over a month and I am so excited to just be here. I also have to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, I did finally order my snow boots last night, but the time until Christmas and the new year is coming so quickly that I don’t know how I’m supposed to get everything done.

Social Media Favorite: Carin Olsson @parisinfourmonths

Carin has been a favourite before, but she recently released a collection of prints that I am lusting after. She has always taken such beautiful images, she has a way of capturing simple beauties. The glimmer of the sun on the winter, the foam in a cup of coffee, a bird in the sky. They are just so beautiful and always remind me to notice the beauty around us.

Movie/TV Favorite:

I’m still watching Cold Case, but now that it’s after American Thanksgiving, I’m ready to start getting into the Christmas content.

Podcast Favorite: Bad on Paper: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide with Grace Atwood

This one may only have a special significance if you are a long time Bad on Paper listener, but for the first time since Grace (one of the original hosts) left the show, she was back for an update and to talk about holiday gifts. It was nostalgic, light and fun.

Random Favorite 1: Roasted Herb Butter Chicken and Orzo

I made this Half-Baked Harvest recipe this week and it just got better as I ate its leftovers throughout the week. It was decently easy to make, and I didn’t do any of the oven portion, I just cooked it all on the stove, because I wasn’t sure that any of my pans were oven safe at 400F.

Random Favorite 2: Christmas chocolates in grocery stores

There is no better season for chocolates than Christmas, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, Lindor candy cane, peppermint bark, it’s all just so good and in Canada the season for them is so long because our Thanksgiving is in October.

Have a great weekend,


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