The Friday Edit: Vol. 10

What I Did//

The past two weeks have been a lot. I have been travelling for work the past two weeks, different places and an assortment of accommodations. That’s why I have mostly been missing with writing here lately because I just straight up have not been able to keep up. Although, to be completely honest last night I totally had the time to write a post for this Thursday and I just could not do it. I sat in my medium hotel room and ate pizza on the bed and watched TLC instead.

Also, if your mom ever warned you to be careful of the edges of open tin cans, she was right to. I sliced my finger open on a can of black beans on Monday and I’m starting to wonder if I should have gone to the hospital, it is deep. I don’t think it could be stitched, but it looks like it should have had some intervention.

Weekend Reading//

How to spring clean your finances.

How women’s voices have also been victim’s of the patriarchy. (Also, this episode of Girls Gotta Eat)

Why even a $3000 bag isn’t exempt from ridicule (if ludicrously capacious has been running loose in your brain for the past week).

All about the lash lift – aka my favourite beauty treatment.

Binge-eating disorder is the most common eating disorder among American adults.

The promise of a modern Barbie movie.

And everything we know about the Barbie movie so far, although it could be literally anything and the fact that it comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY would be all I need.

Knitting is for the cool girls again.

Spring small joys.

Cop City absolutely cannot happen.

Spring activities – listen we may have had a big snowstorm the past couple days but I am choosing to live in delusion, okay?

We will never reach peak croissant.


What I Read in March.

A Week-ish in Outfits.

March in Review.

A Week in Outfits.

Thoughts on Emergency Funds.

Coming soon: March 2022 Financial Fitness Check-in, An Apartment Update, What I’m Buying in March, and a Spring Wardrobe Update and Shopping List.

Caught my Eye//

These trouser shorts.

Clearly in a big trouser phase.

This beaded lemon bag is soooo cute.

I am really drawn to these bright green heels.

Weekly Media//

More than You’ll Ever Know by Katie Gutierrez.

Supernatural, I think I must have skipped seasons 5 and 6 because I have for sure never seen these episodes before.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Passover/Easter/Ramadan to the Islamo-Judeo-Christians of the world!


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