March in Review

I almost didn’t write this post this month because I did not take a lot of pictures in March, March was kind of a boring month. I did not do much in March, despite going to Thunder Bay twice. It was all business basically.

I finished a puzzle that I bought when my back was sore and my tailbone was broken. the back hedge bit was so difficult.

I had an appointment in Thunder Bay and got a sandwich at Nomad, which is one of my favourite places to eat in Thunder Bay, although to be honest I have not explored it that much.

I have always wanted to stop and take a picture at this sign, but I usually either forgot or it was too dark when I was going by, but this sign is shortly before the time zone change line and it marks the spot where the direction water flows in North America switches from flowing south and east to the Atlantic Ocean to flowing north into the Hudson’s Bay or Arctic Ocean. It’s pretty cool to me.

The assortment of things on my fridge was very fun to me.

I finally got to see the Northern Lights, literally in my backyard. It was the best experience ever and they didn’t even look this good in person, they were much more subtle in real life but it was like the sky was alive and dancing. It was true magic.

I’ve been starting to go to the coffee shop on Saturday afternoons to do personal computer stuff, whatever I need or want to do. Except my taxes, I still have not done my taxes.

My sister though I would need cheering up after breaking my tailbone and sent me this needleminder that I have wanted for ages.

I have finally gotten back into cooking and eating real food again. It was too difficult to cook while my tailbone was broken and my back was throbbing, but I have really been craving fruit and vegetables and am excited to be back to eating real food.

I also finally went for a walk again, they have put up these storybook pages along the trail, I didn’t read them all because it was getting dark since I didn’t get to leave as early as I wanted but it was so cute.

I had gotten to work out of Eabametoong before, out of their community centre before and it was so cool to be able to see it in different seasons, in a different time. Last time was for COVID-19 vaccines and this time was a recovery, preparedness trip. The progress was reassuring.

Flying over Kiiwetinoong (Northwestern Ontario).

I’ve been getting into having a few Wedgwood pieces, and I saw this online and bought it. I’m currently using it to store my perfume samples and I think it is so cute.

I have a lot of hope for April, it’s going to be a fun and frugal month.


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