A Week in Outfits

This week was madness, work was bonkers, health stuff was popping off, volunteer meetings were literally every night. I took this weekend to just do personal tasks, ignore texts and emails and just do me and I feel a lot better after it.

Last week’s high: Getting grocery store sushi – listen before you get down on me, I also used to rag on grocery store sushi, but now that I have no regular access to sushi grocery store sushi from the grocery store in Thunder Bay is amazing.

This week’s goal: Pull off this work trip that has been making me crazy.


What I did: Drove down to Thunder Bay for a doctor’s appointment, did my groceries down there, took a volunteer meeting from a coffee shop in Thunder Bay

What I wore: Sweater – Old – Talbots, Jeans – Old – Madewell


What I did: Worked from the office, had volunteering calls all evening.

What I wore: Sweater – Amazon, Pants – Old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Worked from the office, had more volunteer meetings

What I wore: Cardigan – Old – Hill House Home, T-Shirt – Old – American Eagle, Pants – Old – Boutique


What I did: Worked from the office, again more volunteer meetings

What I wore: Dress – Old – Reitman’s, Tights – Snag


What I did: Accidentally dressed like a finance bro, worked from the office, went for a coffee walk

What I wore: Vest – LL Bean (no longer available in white), Shirt – Old – Reitman’s, Jeans – Old – Madewell


What I did: Got a really good night’s sleep for the first time in a couple weeks, had a lazy morning, went to the coffee shop, did some chores

What I wore: Hoodie – Old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon


What I did: Deep cleaned my living room and bathroom, washed my sheets and made my bed, made dinner/meal prepped lunches

What I wore: Listen, it’s too early for this outfit, but I worked up a sweat taking my couch apart. Tank – Old – Joe Fresh, Leggings – Lululemon.

Have a great week,


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