Thoughts On Emergency Funds

Last week I found myself thinking about drawing on my emergency fund, not for an emergency but for a variety of potential things: summer tires for my car, to make a bigger dent in my credit card debt, to not use overdraft, to buy a kitchen island, and a million other things. I sometimes find myself thinking, I’m very securely employed at the moment, so sometimes having an emergency fund feels like a waste of resources. Like I should be using that money, rather than just having it sit there, not really earning interest, just there.

And then I found this video, kind of saying the same thing:

But like Aja said in the video, it feels counterintuitive to feel bad about having an emergency fund, especially because I felt so bad about not having one. But now that I have a small one and have so many other places I need money, it feels stupid to have this money and not be using it actively.

I’m not going to spend it, because I know that having an emergency fund is so important, and there have been so many times where I have wished that I had an emergency fund (usually around my car, thanks to publicly funded health care). But I can’t be the only person out there wondering if you are securely employed, if you live somewhere with publicly funded health care, and have extra health insurance with work, is it worth prioritizing?

What are your thoughts?


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