Financial Fitness Check-In: December 2022

Welcome to the first financial fitness check-in where I am using my own spreadsheet rather than Mint and a pen and paper. It's kind of it's first test run. The one thing I cannot figure out is how to combine what I've classed as my "Bills" chart and my "Expenses" chart into one pie chart … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: December 2022

What I’m Buying in December

It is so interesting to make this post this month, because despite it being December, famously one of the spendiest months of the year. I'm not planning on buying that much? Of course, I didn't put the Christmas presents I'm buying in the collage (I know my sister sometimes reads this, I don't think anyone … Continue reading What I’m Buying in December

Financial Fitness Check-in: November 2022

November was not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be, I really thought I had totally blown my budget. There was just so much unexpected work travel, and while I get reimbursed for it, it still ends up costing money in food and then you're tired the next day so you buy … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-in: November 2022

What I’m Buying in November

I'm not planning on buying much in November, not a no-buy but just really scaling it back. I also want to really refocus on saving. I want to have enough savings to be able to apply for jobs all over and not be worried about how much it costs to move there, I want to … Continue reading What I’m Buying in November

Financial Fitness Check-In: September 2022

I need to preface September 2022's check-in by saying that this was the first time I have taken a proper vacation since pre-pandemic, maybe even since 2018, and that I had been saving for months for it. It's also the first vacation I've ever taken with like real adult money. So saying I spent moneyyy … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: September 2022

What I’m Buying in August

I'm not buying much in August, I don't need much right now and I'm going home in September and I'll probably do most of my fall shopping while there. I'm also refusing to acknowledge the looming fall and winter, it is still summer goddamnit and I am going to eke out every last second. So … Continue reading What I’m Buying in August

Financial Fitness Check In: July ’22

This post was supposed to go up last Friday, but instead I went out on Thursday night instead of writing it. July was a more expensive month than I planned it to be, I started out the month saying I wanted to do a no-buy, or at least a low-buy and I really did not … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check In: July ’22

Mid-Year Check-In

Firstly, I need to profusely apologize for last week, I don't even know what happened. I can see on my laptop that I had all the photos edited and loaded for the "Week in Outfits" post and that I had started pulling articles for the "Mid-Week Procrastination", and they just didn't happen. It was an … Continue reading Mid-Year Check-In

What I’m Buying in July

I'm doing a bit of a low-buy this month, May and June were pretty spendy with trips to Winnipeg and Minneapolis, and I need to bring it back in and re-focus on my other financial goals again. I do however really need some new activewear, a couple skincare restocks, and it's my birthday month so … Continue reading What I’m Buying in July

Financial Fitness Check-In: June 2022

June was an amazing month, I did some travel, I was social, I crossed some things off my shopping list and 2022 plans, and had some adventures. Unfortunately, that does mean that I had a more expensive month than I was hoping for. I don't regret it so much as I know I have to … Continue reading Financial Fitness Check-In: June 2022