What I’m Buying in May

Oh May, I am so torn on how to plan this. There are so many things that I would like to purchase before my trip, for the upcoming weddings, for my spring wardrobe that I cannot figure out how to plan it out and so we will be working this out together throughout this post. … Continue reading What I’m Buying in May

Spring Wardrobe Wants

Last year I did this in February, to try and feel something, but all I felt was torture, it was still snowing a lot in May last year. So this year, I have pushed it until the end of April, the second day of spring, when the end is well and truly in sight and … Continue reading Spring Wardrobe Wants

Spring 2023 Sephora Sale

What I Actually Bought These will all look familiar if you checked out my What I'm Buying in April post, but I am very proud to say that I have exactly stuck to my list. I have no intention of buying anything else. If I had unlimited funds, I absolutely would have stocked up on … Continue reading Spring 2023 Sephora Sale

What I’m Buying in July

I'm doing a bit of a low-buy this month, May and June were pretty spendy with trips to Winnipeg and Minneapolis, and I need to bring it back in and re-focus on my other financial goals again. I do however really need some new activewear, a couple skincare restocks, and it's my birthday month so … Continue reading What I’m Buying in July

What I’m Buying in April

I think that April is going to be a month that I focus a bit on starting to build a wardrobe that is realistic for my current circumstances, rather than aspirational. I love clothes, I love dressing up and wearing pretty dresses and pretty shoes, but I also hate attracting attention to myself (says she … Continue reading What I’m Buying in April