Spring 2023 Sephora Sale

What I Actually Bought These will all look familiar if you checked out my What I'm Buying in April post, but I am very proud to say that I have exactly stuck to my list. I have no intention of buying anything else. If I had unlimited funds, I absolutely would have stocked up on … Continue reading Spring 2023 Sephora Sale

What I’m Buying in April

Last month I did not do one of these posts because I had no intention of buying anything, and instead I impulse shopped my way through the month. So this month I'm bringing it back to keep me on track. A couple things I have already bought, and most of this list is dependent on … Continue reading What I’m Buying in April

2023 Wish List

I love wish lists, I think they are a great way to guide your shopping. It's not a budget (especially because normally our wish list items tend to be bit more expensive than what we may actually buy), but I find that they help keep your planned purchases and resist impulse shopping. Of course I … Continue reading 2023 Wish List

The Friday Edit: Vol. 3

What I Did This Week// This week was all work and routines focused. On Monday, I had to get up at 6am for work, like that was the absolute latest minute I could get out of bed. But then for the rest of the week a little voice in my head said "What if we … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 3

What I’m Buying in January

This is another month where most of these items (maybe all of these items I have already purchased), mostly while I was on vacation. I think I may try and get some taper candles so that I can fill my candlesticks and make it all cozy in here, but I want beeswax candlesticks and I … Continue reading What I’m Buying in January