2023 Wish List

I love wish lists, I think they are a great way to guide your shopping. It’s not a budget (especially because normally our wish list items tend to be bit more expensive than what we may actually buy), but I find that they help keep your planned purchases and resist impulse shopping. Of course I don’t expect to purchase everything on this list, I don’t think I could afford it, not with all my living expenses, necessities, and savings goals. And that is absolutely okay with me. It’s a wish list, not an imminent cop nor a needs list. It’s just for fun (it’s also fun to notice the trends across the items).

One. Wilfred Only Slip Midi Dress. So I actually did already buy these first two items, I have had a black slip dress on my list for a few months and I tried one on when I was killing time in the mall before meeting a friend for dinner and the salesgirl really worked me. I wasn’t sure, but she talked me into it and I don’t regret it.

Two. Matt and Nat Vegan Tote. Again, I have already purchased this and I am completely in love with it. It’s my go to bag now, I love that my water bottle actually fits in it along with all my other stuff.

Three. Black Converse High Tops. I love the way the kids are wearing black high tops with dress pants. I think it’s such a cool way to wear dress pants.

Four. Rare Beauty Toiletries Bag. I desperately need a new toiletries bag and I am so impressed with how much all the videos seem to show that is capable of holding which is what I need. I’m so tired of having like 4 small bags just to fit stuff in.

Five. Djerf Avenue Favorite Pants in Black. I’m really impressed with how they continuously expand their accessibility for mobility aids, size inclusivity, and the ways they reuse fabric scraps to make accessories.

Six. Djerf Avenue It Blazer in Grey. I think the cut of this blazer is so cool and chic and just a little bit different. I also have a funny feeling that the “everything oversized all the time” trend will be ending soon.

Seven. Djerf Avenue Favorite Pants in Grey. I just think these pants are such a classic shape and I would like to have black, grey, and cream or oatmealy coloured dress pants eventually.

Eight. Bala The Hourglass Roller in Sand. I have big plans to make this wellness room out of my spare bedroom. I know this is such a privilege, but I’ve decided to take advantage of it. I want to put my egg chair in there with a big mat to quiet my work out noises for my downstairs neighbors with a new yoga mat on top and some kind of mood lighting or something to make it perfect for journaling, meditation, and exercising.

Nine. Djerf Avenue Breezy Top and Shorts in Blue Stripe. I wanted this set last summer and have not been able to stop thinking about them ever since.

Ten. Bala Play Mat in Sand. I desperately need a new yoga mat, even if I don’t do my big wellness room, everytime I work out crumbles of the mat come off on my hands and I hate the lime green now.

Eleven. Bala Bars 3lb in Sea. I love the combo of the blue with the tan. I’m very into it.

Twelve. A Drill. I have been putting this purchase off for so long and I literally have shelves sitting in a box waiting for me to buy a drill so I can put them up. I don’t know if I’m particularly fussed about which one or what brand or anything like that.

Thirteen. Monos Carry-on Pro. I have had the same luggage since high school and it is done. I have been brutal on it for the past twelve to thirteen years, multiple trips to Europe (I’ve been so lucky), moving to university and home over and over and over again. Moving around apartments from Guelph to Oakville to Toronto to here. They have been worked and it shows,

Fourteen. Monos Medium Check-In. I also really want hard-sided cases, I think they compress your stuff so much better, especially for carry-on bags. They can’t expand like soft-sided cases so they always fit in the overhead bin.

Fifteen. Duo Boot Dalia Knee-High Boot. I would really like a pair of brown suede knee high boots as well, but these are investment pieces, so that will take time. But this brand is incredibly size inclusive. They make petite, standard, and tall calf heights and a huge range of calf widths from very slim to very wide.

Sixteen. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum. I got suggested this repeatedly on TikTok and then when I was in a Sephora I tried it on and it smells so good on me. I didn’t want to like it because the bottle is kind of an ick for me, but I have never tried a perfume that I liked this much.

Seventeen (not pictured). Oura Ring. I have heard so many great things about the sleep tracking on this, which is what I am most in need of.

Seventeen. Brass/Gold/ something like that floor lamp. This actually probably is an imminent cop because I remember being really impressed with the selection of warm metal lamps when I was in Target in Minnesota last summer and I am going to a concert there in February. I want a floor lamp for the end of my couch without a side table. I am not into turning on the “big light” so lamps are where it is at for me.

Eighteen. Bowl with a Pedestal – the one pictured is from West Elm, but I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for. . I saw on Caroline Winkler’s YouTube channel (maybe in her bedroom makeover), she had a big bowl with all her headbands in it and I fell in love with that idea and one end of my dresser is completely empty and I think it could be a perfect thing to a) decorate that area and b) corral all my headbands.

Nineteen. Martini Glasses. I love these and I am missing martini glasses from my glassware.

Twenty. Jumbo Yoga Mat. As mentioned above in my description/rationale for the Bala yoga mat, I want to have a jumbo mat underneath for increased noise dampening for my downstairs neighbors.

Twenty-one. Spode Blue Italian Casserole Dish.

Twenty-two. New sheets. In reality I think that most of these items aren’t going to get purchased and this year will mostly be a year of replacing things. My sheets are approaching done and I really need new ones soon. I’m still town between Boll and Branch, Brooklinen, and Silk and Snow (which seems to be like a Canadian competitor for Boll and Branch). I got my parents Brooklinen sheets for Christmas and they love them, which is definitely a point in their column. I’m also toying with the idea of not getting white? I’m not sure.

There is potentially one other thing, I think I may have to replace my technology this year. My iPad is 11 years old in a couple weeks, my laptop is 7 years old and my phone is really struggling in storage, screen, and sound and it’s all just getting old. So I think something will have to get replaced this year but I need to do some research as to which, when and with what.

I also haven’t included things like Nap Dress drops, which I will inevitably want to shop and I need a new pair of black sandals this year and have a ton of weddings that I don’t know if I have outfits for, so this list is neither binding nor exhaustive, but just for fun!

What are you planning on buying this year?


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