The Friday Edit Vol. 18

This week was pretty normal and fun, although surprisingly exhausting. It was just office days, trying to do all my chores during the week because I'm tired of spending all my weekends doing chores, and then going to trivia on Wednesday night. Weekend Reads// A list of places you can donate to to support fire … Continue reading The Friday Edit Vol. 18

The Friday Edit: Vol. 17

This was one of the busiest and funnest weeks I've had in a while (and yes, I know "more fun" is grammatically correct, but not as fun as saying funnest). Last Saturday I went to the next town over to run errands, and the girl in Starbucks told me I looked like a Disney Princess. … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 17

The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

This Past Week// This was a short workweek in Canada thanks to Victoria Day (also known as May 2-4 or May Long, depending on where in the country you are) and I really felt it. Monday I tidied up my apartment, finished stitching a needlepoint, and had some Monday Scaries. Then the rest of the … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

The Friday Edit: Vol. 15

This week I think it has finally started to hit me how much I have to prioritize my sleep. I am burning the candle from all sides for no real reason and it has to stop. It is impacting everything during the day and I have to be real with myself about it. Weekend Reading// … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 15

The Friday Edit: Vol. 14

My week// If April is the month that we start to come back to life, then May is the month where life gets good again. The weather has done a complete flip to being superb. The sun is shining, my mood is up. It's been great. I even have a bit of a sun burn. … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 14

The Friday Edit: Vol. 13

Why do I feel like I'm breathing something into the universe by putting Friday and 13 in the same title, but it'll be fine. I also had every intention of getting this up last Friday, and had it well started, but then I didn't get off a Zoom meeting until 9 pm and still hadn't … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 13

The Friday Edit: Vol 12

What I did// The past week has been very normal, work and chores and trying not to spend money. I did post some of the clothes I am cleaning out on Facebook and I am actually quite proud of how they are selling. Not everything is going of course, but more than I really expected. … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol 12

The Friday Edit: Vol. 10

What I Did// The past two weeks have been a lot. I have been travelling for work the past two weeks, different places and an assortment of accommodations. That's why I have mostly been missing with writing here lately because I just straight up have not been able to keep up. Although, to be completely … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 10

The Friday Edit: Vol. 9

What I Did// The last two weeks have been absolutely bonkers, I am back to volunteering remotely and I spend so much time in meetings now. At work, after work, it's nearly 8, 9 pm by the time I get done. I'm not mad about it, but it has been a lot lately. I also … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 9

The Friday Edit: Vol 8

I missed this post last week, I wrote last week about getting out of a funk, and then promptly continued to be in one, but I spent last weekend really working on things that were bothering me (and while my tailbone still hurts when I sit on it, my back doesn't hurt anymore which means … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol 8