What I’m Buying in April

I think that April is going to be a month that I focus a bit on starting to build a wardrobe that is realistic for my current circumstances, rather than aspirational. I love clothes, I love dressing up and wearing pretty dresses and pretty shoes, but I also hate attracting attention to myself (says she with the blog lol). But I also really need some new pieces for spring and summer. Primarily, I need cardigans so that I can wear sleeveless shirts now and transition them into summer; comfortable shoes to walk around in; a pair of white pants or jeans to wear with specific tops I have; and then a bit later on, shorts. I also would love to find some kind of replacement for my beloved yellow gingham jumpsuit, it is no longer appropriate for “out-of-the house” wear. And I think a pair of straight leg jeans? I don’t know, jeans shopping seems impossible online.

I think I have already sorted my shoes, although I may also want a “nice” pair of lighter coloured sandals, but we’ll see how the spring and summer go. Last Tuesday I bought a pair of Superga Cotu Canvas Sneakers, this will be my second pair and I learned my lesson to not try and wear them for the first time on a super hot day in New York City, I shredded my heels. To the point that the friends I was with still measure all blisters by “Laura’s New York Blisters”, and none have yet to come close. I have also found better no show socks since then. And I bought a pair of Birkenstock Arizonas with the soft foam in brown. I’ve never owned Birkenstocks before, but I think they make a lot of sense up here, and they are supposed to be incredibly comfortable and wear really well, so that maybe next year I can get back to buying pretty shoes instead of practical things.

Now the Sephora Sale. Listen, I wrote a whole long list of things that I was going to buy at the Sephora Sale, but I think the benefit of being VIB and not Rouge is that I could not pull the trigger immediately and just buy everything on that list. Because I have done a lot of thinking about how I want to spend my money and what I really need vs. what I have been influenced to want. And as I say in that post, most of that stuff was stuff that I had been influenced to want. Which is fine, good even, a lot of my favourite things I purchased because I was influenced. But I think there is a difference in being influenced to buy a good moisturizer or comfortable shoes and spending $500 on makeup when I don’t do fancy makeup almost ever nor even wear makeup every day. So I really cut back, and I ended up not getting a lot of the things I had originally planned. I ended up buying restocks of the Farmacy Green Clean, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and then new to me products are the Merit Beauty Lip Oil in Marrakech (which I have added to my cart at last spring Sephora sale and the fall Sephora sale, but didn’t buy), The Ordinary Glycolic Acid, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, and the Maison Margiela Replica perfume sample set. I wanted to buy the Replica Jazz Club, but it doesn’t seem like a summer scent, and I don’t have a summer scent and I have heard so much about the Under the Lemon Trees and Beach Walk scents that I thought I would give the sample set a try, and it’s cheaper than any single bottle of these scents. Oh and the Supergoop GlowScreen sun screen.

Cat food. I buy Mr. Montana’s cat food in huge quantities, especially his wet food, because it’s a veterinary exclusive, and the closest vet is in Dryden, so about an hour away. So I typically get 4 cases and they last about 4 months (there’s 24 cans in a case, so it’s not quite, but it’s close). But I noticed I was starting to get low last night. But they only had one case in stock, which will get me through until my next trip into town.

Contacts. I’m not certain how much my health insurance will cover these, but I need to place another order of contacts. I’m also not certain if I want to order a full year, as I am really considering Lasik, but I cannot see without help and I hate wearing glasses, so these are a must for me.

From here, this is where I don’t know. At the start of the year I made a rewards chart for my credit card repayment, but now, ironically, that I am actually really making a difference in my credit card balance I don’t want to spend any money?? So I may wait until May and shop the Hill House Home drop on May 4 and go to Winnipeg and shop in person for jeans and pants? I don’t know. But I also have a full cart at Reitmans (if your Canadian you know this is shocking, am I old now or do they have cute stuff now???).

There is also another beauty product that I’m going to buy, my friend from undergrad shared this brow serum talking about how she had also been putting it on her hairline and her baby hairs are now out of control. I think I’ve been causing some traction alopecia with my wet buns and I’m getting quite insecure about my hairline, so I’m going to try this Province Apothecary brow serum and see if it helps.

Package Free Shop also typically does an Earth Day Sale, this is typically the time of year that I stock up on shampoo and conditioner bars, face soap bars, toothbrushes, dish brush heads, and get a replacement toilet brush and then try out any low waste alternatives I’ve been wondering about but not wanting to pay full price for. I’ll do a full post about it later this month.

This is a much easier post to write when I have 0 wiggle room in my budget.


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