Saturday Scroll

LOL so remember yesterday when I said that I had the whole weekend off? No work, no pet sitting? I got my dates wrong, my pet sitting family isn’t coming back until today, or tomorrow. Thank god it’s beating down sunshine as I write this or I would be slipping into misery. I am so happy from the sunshine today, I basically skipped to the post office at lunch. It’s still freezing, but I can get by with the sunshine.

Love this cheeky piece about what to wear on a date.

All a skincare article really needs to do is put eczema in the title and I will be all over it, I’m intrigued by this review of Balmonds.

does this sound like a spell to anyone else?

It seems we are getting 6 seasons of The Crown, and that will mean we get “Waity Katie”.

I relate to this so much, making every decision based on it’s sustainability is exhausting.

5 slightly different organization tips.

Look at this fruit bowl! (Does being excited about this make me old?)

My doctor (like seriously my actual doctor) is recommending I get some over-the-ear headphones thanks to a recent bought of ear infections likely caused by my constant AirPod use, so I’ve been reading reviews all week, including this one about the AirPod Max headphones.

I think there are many options for the generational nicknames assigned to us Gen Y’s, millennial, the Oregon Trail Generation, the last to remember life before the internet, and maybe the loneliest generation?

A really Dutch initiative to show the true price of goods.

Is society okay???

Where to travel in May (and if you can’t get to Holland, Michigan, maybe try the Tulip Festival in Ottawa?)

Nancy Meyers is back!

The new Jack Harlow song may have been a disappointment, but this is beautiful

Do celebrities owe us the truth about their plastic surgeries?

I’ve been thinking about replacing my vacuum lately, specifically with the Dyson V8 Pet, or the V10, IDK.

The clothes that got us through lockdowns, because fashion is about so much more than covering your body.

Fashion goes to Harvard in real life.

Have a lovely weekend!


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