What I’m Buying in May

Oh May, I am so torn on how to plan this. There are so many things that I would like to purchase before my trip, for the upcoming weddings, for my spring wardrobe that I cannot figure out how to plan it out and so we will be working this out together throughout this post.

Since I wrote that a few days ago, I have decided that I am not going to shop on drop day for the Hill House Home summer drop. There are at least three dresses that I really like, but none of them are a need, so I bought the dress I have been thinking about for my cousin’s wedding which was from the Spring drop and some clothes from Old Navy to fill some gaps in my wardrobe, but for one of the first times in a long time I have actually already bought everything in my graphic either in person (how novel!) or it’s en route.

One. Hill House Home The Daphne Dress in Lilac Clip Dot Check. I am planning on wearing this to one of the dinners at Convention and to my cousin’s wedding in July.

Two. Old Navy Extra-High-Waisted Wide Leg Cut Off Jean in Ecru. I really wanted a loose pair of white pants, but more structured then linen. I saw these in Old Navy and they are perfect. I also love how high waisted they are.

Three. Old Navy Extra-High-Waisted Wide Leg in Campeche. You know when jeans just make you feel good? These are the first jeans I’ve put on in a while that felt like that.

Four. Old Navy Fitted Tie-Shoulder Cropped Dobby Corset Tank in Green Dot.

Five and Six. Old Navy Matching striped pyjama set in blue stripe. (I cannot find the top on the website anymore to link).

Seven. Old Navy Half-Zip One-Piece in Black. I think the zipper on this is going to make it really easy to go to the washroom when it’s wet, unlike every other one piece.

The other things I need to take care of in May including booking flights and accommodations for a couple places as I get from the American Southwest to the United Kingdom and then back to Canada. This trip is quite complicated and so far I have gotten to the UK, but still have to get to Northern Ireland and then get home again after. The flight back home is definitely the most expensive since I now live basically right in the centre of the continent now, flights to and from the UK were a lot cheaper when I lived close to Toronto.

Oh, and I have to either delete some photos from WordPress or buy more storage.

This has me feeling anxious about my spending in May already lol.


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