Spring Wardrobe Wants

Last year I did this in February, to try and feel something, but all I felt was torture, it was still snowing a lot in May last year. So this year, I have pushed it until the end of April, the second day of spring, when the end is well and truly in sight and I cannot wait. This year I need a mixture of really basic essential pieces and some more special pieces for events that I have this summer.

One. Hill House Home The Daphne Dress in Lilac Clip Check. I am planning on wearing this to one of the dinners that we’ll have at the sorority convention I am going to this summer and my cousin’s wedding. Despite being in two completely different locations, they are in the same trip, so I have to keep my packing light. However, I am holding out on buying this in case there is something in the summer drop that I may like better, although I really like this so that may be difficult.

Two. Wrangler’s High Rise True Straight Leg Jeans in Stockton. I have to buy new jeans and I am desperate for full-length jeans, I swear all jeans now are cropped.

Three. Wrangler’s High Rise A-Line Cutoff Short in Lost Control. When I was doing my closet clean out I realized that either my shorts didn’t fit or they were so thin that they are like one wear away from falling apart.

Four. Sam Edelman Tarra Sling Heels. I would really, really love the Chanel two-tone pumps, but I cannot justify nor afford to spend 1200$ on a pair of shoes, but these are a pretty decent dupe. I also think that these could be a great spring office shoe, lighter in colour for more colourful outfits, but still have closed toe shoes. I am deeply uncomfortable with toes out at the office.

Five. Bandolino Fillup Casual Specchio Loafers. I saw a girl in Milan in 2014 wearing this killer outfit with metallic loafers and I still think about her seven years later and ever since I have wanted to own a pair of metallic loafers, and now that both loafers and silver are finally back in style and I have adult money it is time.

Six. Hill House Home The Cropped Sylvie Sweater in Lavender Merino Wool.

Seven. Djerf Avenue The Favourite Pant in Black. I think these have the potential to become my new favourite work pants.

Eight. Djerf Avenue Breezy Shirt in Blue Stripe.

Nine. Djerf Avenue Breezy Shorts in Blue Stripe. This little outfit is another that I think could become a favourite beach day/lazy day but still cute outfit.

Ten. Hill House Home The Claire Pant in Lavender. I just want to wear a cute little monochrome lavender outfit. I also think this could be really good for the office, because it’s freezing in the summer, and for Convention because hotel conference rooms are also always cold. And I think the pants could work with another blouse and the sweater with jeans.

Some other things that I am thinking about, but I think I’m going to get these to start and see how my outfits come together, are a pair of loose fit white or cream jeans, white ribbed tank tops (I buy them in the men’s section in the packs of 3 or 5), and I also need sandals for summer, but I’m waiting – I may even push them until next year since I do have my Birkenstocks.

I also really want a basket bag, like one of those market bags.

But I am so excited for spring I cannot wait, there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures are hovering around 0, but I cannot contain myself anymore.


3 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe Wants

  1. This may sound completely nuts, but I often miss going into the office and getting to wear work attire. I love office style, but now that I work from home I almost never get to wear office clothes, and a lot of my office wardrobe I’ve since sold through eBay/ThredUp or donated to Goodwill, because I was no longer getting any use out of them. I love your picks! Especially the slingbacks. I still haven’t gotten into the chunky loafer, though. I think they’re cute, but not sure they fit with my style, but maybe I just haven’t found the right pair!


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