A Week in Outfits

The one thing that I think I have decided that I really like about this post every week is that it really feels like it marks the passing of time. Not in the big moments way, but in the every day, mundane, ordinary, basic moments of every day life. It feels valuable somehow, like I might appreciate it, or someone might appreciate it in the future.

Last week’s high: I got to work from home for two days last week so that I could rig this crazy set-up to have multiple people attend a virtual conference that we didn’t want to pay for multiple people to register because it was insanely expensive for a virtual conference. And it was a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night and it was super fun.

Thig week’s goal: Eat all my meals cooked from home. I spend wayyyy too much money on food. Either that or my food budget is unrealistic, but I don’t really think so. I have a thorough meal plan this week and we are sticking to it.


What I did: Worked from the office, did this workout from YouTube that I used to love and is a lot harder than I remember it being.

What I wore: Cardigan – Old – Hill House Home, Blouse – Old – Talbots, Ponte Pants – Old – Boutique (similar).


What I did: Worked from home – it was wonderful, attended a virtual conference.

What I wore: Cardigan – Old – Hill House Home, T-Shirt – Old – American Eagle, Leggings – Old – Aerie (this outfit is embarrassingly similar to Mondays)


What I did: Day 2 of working from home and attending the virtual conference

What I wore: Hoodie – Grad School merch, Leggings – Old – Aerie


What I did: Worked from the office, played catch up

What I wore: Sweatshirt – Old – Prairie Harm Reduction, Chinos – Old – Joe Fresh


What I did: Worked from the office, got lunch with a coworker, assembled “tick kits” (kits to remove ticks and bug repellant wipes)

What I wore: Quarter-zip – Grad School Merch, Chinos – Old – Joe Fresh

Saturday – Day//

What I did: Cleaned the kitchen, had a lazy morning, drove to the next town to get groceries, Starbucks, and new tights

What I wore: Sweater – Old – Talbots, Ponte Pants – Old – Boutique (similar)

Saturday – Night//

What I did: Went to a friend’s birthday party

What I wore: Cardigan – Old – Abercrombie, Mesh Top – Amazon, Slip Dress – Wilfred (Aritzia), Tights – Wal-Mart, Bolo tie – Old – Gift.


What I did: jack shit, folded my laundry, ironning

What I wore: Pyjamas – Old – Joe Fresh

Have a great week!


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