The Friday Edit: Vol 12

What I did//

The past week has been very normal, work and chores and trying not to spend money. I did post some of the clothes I am cleaning out on Facebook and I am actually quite proud of how they are selling. Not everything is going of course, but more than I really expected. I’ve made about $30, which isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing.

Weekend Reading//

Instant coffee has gotten an upgrade.

Look at this gorgeous Madrileño house.

Why coffee is so expensive.

A raffia fashion round up.

I want to go to Palm Springs for the thrifting alone.

What if you could not feel guilty about spending money?

25 easy tips on how to be more sustainable for Earth Day this Saturday.

What if parents weren’t worried about their kid being fat?

Future US college students are including abortion laws in their decision making.

What the heck is Lemon8?

29 photos of California’s incredible superbloom this year.


Pyjamas Round Up.

Spring Motivation.

A Week in Outfits.

Spring 2023 Sephora Sale.

Caught my eye//

Thank you cards.

Full-length, straight leg jeans. Finally.

Weekly media//

Still riding the Supernatural train, but I want to make sure that I finish Daisy Jones this weekend. I figure I may as well take advantage of another snowstorm this weekend to watch all the TV.

Have a great weekend!


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