Pyjamas Round Up

I cleaned out my closet a couple weekends ago, over Easter weekend, and as I was doing so I noticed what terrible condition my socks, knickers, and pyjamas were. A lot of my normal stuff is in pretty rough condition, activewear, sneakers, vacuum, sheets, cookware, suitcases, etc. I have a long list of stuff I would love to replace, but as previously mentioned I am not one of those people who has an unlimited income and no responsibilities. Hence, the What I’m Buying monthly posts, they help me plan my purchases, be intentional about my shopping, use my resources wisely.

One. Hill House Home Blue Trellis The Perri Sleep Tank and The Gemma Sleep Short. I am very much a shorts girl when it comes to pyjamas, I hate full length legs, even in the dead of winter, I’m not really sure why. And these are super cute.

Two. Djerf Avenue Go Slow Shirt and Go Slow Pants in Summer Berry. I know I just said I hate full length legs, but these are super cute and I do think it is practical to have at least one long sleeve, long leg pyjama set.

Three. Aerie Pyjama Tank Top and Boxer in Marbled Blue. Now for some pyjamas I’m more likely to actually purchase. I have a hard time bringing myself to actually spend real money on sleepwear, so Aerie and Joe Fresh are my normal go-tos.

Four. Aerie Poplin Pyjama Shirt and High-waisted Boyfriend Boxer in Elite Blue.

And now I’m off to get a good night’s sleep, hopefully, it’s been a few days since I had one of those.


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