Spring Motivation

For the past couple weeks I have been feeling this surge of energy, motivation, drive. It would be simple to just write it off as more light, more vitamin D, the season of renewal and growth, but for some reason this feels like so much more. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this in the springtime.

I have worked out eight of the past ten days, I have been deep cleaning different layers of my apartment, volunteering, cooking more and trying new recipes, eating more fruits and vegetables, just altogether feeling so much fresher and more alive. Which feels so dramatic, but also accurate. So I’m just trying to lean into it, not force it, but kind of cajole it forwards.

Spring Habits

Morning Routine//

I really want to bring back last spring/summer’s morning walk habit. Every day I got up at 6-6:30 and went for a walk, roughly to the beach and back and it was glorious. It was such a nice way to start my day. For the past few months I’ve been getting up about the same time and drinking coffee and journaling, but I really want to push that wake up time to actually be 6 am every day and do both. Start with journaling and coffee, then go for the walk while I’m listening to a podcast. Then coming back and getting ready for the day. Spending that much time solely to yourself first thing in the morning is so soothing.


While I was away at a conference a couple weeks ago I used the hotel gym. I just did an incline walk and an arm routine, and not even a good incline walk since the hotel treadmill didn’t go past an incline 3, but it sparked something. I have not really even been having to force myself to workout, I just kind of do it, which hasn’t been me at all in years. I’m remembering workout videos I used to love to do. It just feels right.

I’m planning all the different activities I can do over the summer, just ways to stay active now that I feel like being active. And I know that there should be discipline involved in staying fit, but there is something about not needing discipline, not needing to force yourself to work out, it feels like a kind of magic.

Cooking and Healthy Eating//

This I think has the most logical explanation, all the produce that I like is coming back in season, and produce is actually approaching affordable again and so I want to eat it again. But I’ve been so wanting to experiment with cooking again. Trying new recipes (like this roasted blackberry ricotta toast I made last weekend that was beyond). I’ve even pulled out my physical cookbooks and made recipes out of them (particularly this Maman cookbook).

I’ve also just been loving produce, cucumber slices, sliced strawberries, raspberries, squeezes of lemon and lemon zest, asparagus and arugula. It’s been amazing.

So here’s to leaning in to the natural rhythms of our bodies and embracing the changes that they want to make, while they want to make them.


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