April Theory

If you aren’t on TikTok, you may not be familiar with two things 1) April Theory and 2) the way “theories” abound on TikTok. I don’t know if they really, technically count as theories. Although the definition of theory is “a system of ideas intended to explain something” (Google), so I guess maybe technically all the different TikTok theories do count.

So what is April Theory, there doesn’t seem to be an exact, official definition, but the gist of it seems to be that the weather is getting better, you have more energy, things are starting to happen, the seasonal depression of winter is leaving for the Northern hemisphere, and if you are a student, the end of the school year is approaching. My personal idea is that it’s exacerbated the further north you are. Because if you live in Florida, you are probably entering into the worst season. It is getting super hot and humid, and if you live in the like Tennessee, Spain level, it’s been getting nice since February but if you live in Canada, Scandinavia, even Russia, probably, now is when it is just starting to get warmer. The snow is finally leaving, the sun is finally feeling warm on your skin again. And you start to feel alive again.

Normally TikTok theories seem like a myth to me (see: red nail theory, white nail theory, red lip theory, etc.), but this one feels real. Since the last week of March, my energy has increased exponentially. I actually want to do things, I want to eat vegetables, exercise, go for walks, work out, things that I could barely bring myself to do at all. I’m also just in a better mood. It feels insane.

But it also feels right, I think in large part we have forgotten that we are also part of nature, and so we ebb and flow with nature. Our energy naturally falls in the winter as the warmth and light diminish and as nature renews in the spring it makes sense that we do as well.

So I’m just leaning in, when I want to spring clean I do. When I want to exercise I do. I buy the fruits and vegetables that I want at the grocery store. I get up in time to go for walks when I want to. When I want a burger I will make a burger (although I haven’t actually bought the ingredients yet, but I will). I am so excited to feel like I am back and so excited for what this spring and summer has in store.


2 thoughts on “April Theory

  1. I live in South Carolina and I think a lot of us here feel this way once it starts to warm up. But our weather fluctuates quite a bit in the winter. It won’t level out until May. Even the days tend to fluctuate. You think it’ll be a cool, crisp day then all of a sudden it’s sunny and humid. So sometimes I notice abrupt highs and lows in my moods/disposition, not to an extreme degree but enough that it’s noticeable. I always feel more in my element near my birthday in June. That’s when it really starts to feel like a fresh, new year for me. Maybe that’s birthday theory! 😄


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