April in Review

A mega photo dump if you will.

Food photos//

  1. Pesto Pasta with Salmon. 2. Sausage Soda. 3. Croissants. 4. Roasted blackberry ricotta toast on sourdough. 5. Asparagus and feta quiche with arugula salad. 6. More croissants.

I was just in shock at the price. I swear I remember when these bags were $9.99.


Back to my morning walk bullshit.

I really want to recreate this influencer gift basket.

Fashion Inspo and Current Covets//

An April snow day on a weekend. It was great.

We assembled tick kits in preparation for the upcoming tick season.

This Starbucks was a thing of beauty. Look at that swirl.

This past Friday was not so great.

The 28th was Pi Phi’s Founders Day and this photo popped back up of my Initiation day. It’s insane how young you look at 18.

Happy May!


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