The Friday Edit: Vol. 9

What I Did//

The last two weeks have been absolutely bonkers, I am back to volunteering remotely and I spend so much time in meetings now. At work, after work, it’s nearly 8, 9 pm by the time I get done. I’m not mad about it, but it has been a lot lately. I also feel like I’m falling behind on everything in my apartment. It really has me questioning how I did it all, in person with commuting, pre-pandemic. Part of that has culminated in me missing at least one post, if not more than one, each week.

I am also gagging for something fun, a night out, a little bit of light debauchery. Just some fun.

Weekend Reading//

How influencers have risen up to dominate communications and business out of economic and societal strife.

How to display figurative and nude art in your home.

“Consistency trumps new every time” re. skincare.

Guy Fieri was a very strong runner-up for Halloween 2022, but he is not wearing bowling shirts anymore. It’s truly the end of an era.

I’m really into Sydney Sweeney’s collab with Ford and Dickies.

Taylor Swift merch better than anything TaylorNation is selling.

“Ambition sizing”.

How to respond when you can’t afford the trip.

Raffia accessories for spring and summer.

Seashells in décor history.

How to digitally spring clean.

The librarians are not okay.

I love this piece about over-engineering.

This curated list of reactions to a BBC headline about a study that said our collective mental health wasn’t that badly affected by the pandemic sent me, particularly the tweet about writing a letter to Joe Exotic in prison. Class.

I love how bold and colourful but still neutral this apartment is.

The worst resurging trend of 2023.

Is Meghan Markle’s The Tig going to make a comeback? I hope so, I used to love it.

I’m in love with Aly and A.J.’s new album With Love From, and all the press it’s getting.

Now that I’ve read the details, I’m down with the pink trouser wearing, topless protester at the Juno Awards on Monday.


March Favourites.

A Week in Outfits.

Two Years in Northwestern Ontario.

Thoughts on Being Bad at Things.

A Week in Outfits.

March State of the Union.

Caught My Eye//

This pink stripe shirt.

And these pink pumps.

Gold Mary Jane Flats.

This activewear skirt (and I love the whole outfit on the model!)

Weekly Media//

I have not had time to watch anything but TikToks over the past couple weeks. I hate it, I just want to read books and watch Daisy Jones.

This weekend I am going to deep clean my kitchen and just try and get a little caught up on life so that I don’t feel so behind.

I very nearly signed this off like a work email. OMG someone save me.

Have a great weekend!


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