Friday Favorites: 11/04/22

I am so looking forward to the extra hour of sleep we are getting this weekend, even though it means that it’s going to be getting dark at 4:30 and we aren’t even at the shortest days of the year yet.

I also have my first cold since 2019, and good lord I forgot how awful it was to not be able to breathe through your nose. Also, if this post is incoherent, you can blame the cold and the meds for that.

Social Media Favorite: Caroline Winkler

We’re going a little different this time, straying from Instagram and TikTok and those typical social medias for a YouTuber this week. Caroline is one of the funniest, coolest, realest people on YouTube. I find her to be absolutely unhinged and hilarious and I feel like we would be best buds if we knew each other in real life. And I like the way she decorates too, it’s so realistic and beautiful. She actually talks about how long things take, doing things when you can afford them, not necessarily saving up to do a whole room at once for the sake of a video.

This was the video that showed up in my YouTube feed for weeks before I caved and started watching her channel, I was hooked after this.
I will absolutely never wallpaper my ceiling after watching her struggle, but I love the look.
This video is exactly me whenever I start talking to someone new. The screeching, the phone throwing, the panic. I have never felt so seen.

Movie/TV Favorite: The Closer

This show is nearly vintage it’s so 2000s, but I used to watch it after school and now it’s on Amazon Prime. It’s your classic procedural, but they exclusively solve cold cases, some very old and some pretty recent. It has some really cheesy flashback scenes but it’s overall pretty good. It’s got your classic early-2000s strong-female lead character and some truly awful sexism but it’s also pretty satisfying.

It’s so old that there aren’t any trailers available online.

Podcast Favorite: Top 3

This was too difficult to pick this week, so I’ve narrowed it down to three stand out episodes of my three favorite podcasts this week:

Bad on Paper: November Three Things

This is a new monthly episode that Becca and Olivia are doing, the each bring three thing that they want to talk about but can’t justify doing a whole episode on. It’s really fun.

Sounds Like a Cult: The Cult of the Supreme Court

This was a very interesting episode for me, the SCOTUS dominate world news, we know so much about what they do. We see them everywhere. And I didn’t even know until this week that the Supreme Court of Canada wear fancy red robes that make them look like Santa Claus:

Maintenance Phase: The Daily Harvest Food Poisoning Scandal

You know I have always been jealous that we can’t get Daily Harvest in Canada, I totally would have tried it if we could. But this made me very, very glad we couldn’t. Although I always though that the crumbles sounded like they would be weird to eat.

Random Favorite 1: Cepacol lozenges and Fishermen’s Friends

I have my first cold since 2019 (I got a PCR test for COVID and flu because I got sick while I was in a community we serve) and I am miserable. And I have completely lost my voice, which is normal for me, I used to lose my voice all the time. But these are the ultimate things for sore throat girlies.

Random Favorite 2: This Chicken, Potatoes, and Green Beans Tray Dinner

This is one of my all time favorite dinners. I started making it because I once googled what to make with chicken breast, green beans, and baby potatoes and this came up and now I probably make it once a month.

Have a great weekend!


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