Saturday Scroll: 11/05/22

I am so excited for this weekend, I need to sleep and not talk to anyone. My voice is gone. I don’t know why, but every time I get sick I lose my voice. In high school, I used to keep a whiteboard in my locker to carry with me. Also, no one talks about how hard it is to be sick alone. I don’t have anyone to go out and get food, get medicine (also why are all the cold and flu meds sold out?), and we as a society have decided, and rightly so, that we don’t go out when we’re sick, but I need to get stuff. It’s another thing in the “I miss UberEats column”.

I have a cold (the first time I’ve been sick at all since 2019) and I got sick on a work trip with a physician. Lucky me, I know. But he talked about how since I haven’t gotten sick since 2019 I probably have an immunity gap, where even though I have all my vaccines (except tetanus – I’m way overdue for a tetanus booster), because I haven’t been exposed to anything my immune system hasn’t had to work and now doesn’t recognize anything.

The attack on Native American’s voting rights, especially in Arizona.

I don’t know why, but this is so iconic to me. Especially, since she is singing the version of Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background. The way she alludes to and embraces her early 2000s teen superstar moments is so cool and smart. She clearly knows that nostalgia makes money, especially with the 2000s being trendy at the moment, it’s brilliant.

I don’t currently have AppleTV+, I cycle through the different streaming services to save money, but Selena Gomez’s documentary is definitely on its watchlist.

Women can have sex like men, but can anyone have good sex without emotion?

All the details we know about the Agatha Harkness WandaVision spin-off so far.

How to break in new shoes (I’ve been struggling for the past 5 weeks).

This was a very interesting piece about Ivana Syrovatka-Trump-Mazzucchelli-Rubicondi nee  Zelníčková.

Now that I have a cold, and we as a society have decided it’s not appropriate to go out when you sick, I have realized that I need to be better stocked up.

I have been thinking about an Oura ring for nearly a year now. The sleep tracking feature seems like it would be really useful to me.

It’s gift guide season, and this one is fun and so is this “Barbiecore” themed one.

If there’s one thing I ask myself everyday it’s “Why do I look so tired?” – so here’s some tips on how to look less tired.

Owning a pet may be the healthiest thing I’ve ever done.

The modern life of a tiny beanie. LOL.

I’ve wanted to go on the Orient Express my whole life, I blame watching Masterpiece Mysteries with my parents every Sunday night for my whole childhood, and they’ve just released images of their re-design and now I want to go even more.

The Winx Saga got cancelled (on a major cliffhanger) and I’m devastated.

Have a great weekend,


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