October Empties

This was a month of a slight pivot back to lower waste hygiene products. Which felt good to be back to my normal routine. Also, in September I actually made use of the fact that I’ve been holding on to my empty containers for the whole year and used some of the smaller ones to pack some of my face products to go home on vacation. I left some of them at home so that I won’t have to bring them back when I go home for Christmas (although now that I think about it I don’t know if I remember what I left at home, so it may not be helpful after all). So these posts are not only making me more mindful of how much I consume, but also saving me from buying silly little travel containers that break and leak and just end up in the garbage.

The usual contact waste, including the end of six months of contact use with the boxes.

I had a lazy phase where I just wanted to not wash my face at night, but was wearing makeup and couldn’t not, so I bought a travel pack of makeup wipes so that I could have my lazy phase.

I think this is my favourite shampoo bar of all time. I’m not currently using it because the shipping is expensive and I was an idiot and accidentally ordered a conditioner bar instead of a shampoo bar and I couldn’t bring myself to do another order.

This is one of the containers that I reused, I put toner in it. It’s not ideal, the top’s too wide, the glass is too heavy, but it was much easier (and actually got through airport security) unlike the full size one.

This is the very last thing from the Ouai trial kit that I bought back in June. I ended up mixing it with the dregs of a Kristin Ess heat protectant spray because there was still a ton of product in both of them but it wasn’t coming out of either of them. I actually really like the combination of the two products, and the smell of this is great. But overall, it’s too expensive and it’s too heavy for my hair.

The Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara, this is a decent mascara. It’s very natural looking but I’ve gone back to non-clean mascaras. I just prefer a bit more drama with my eyelashes because I naturally have very long eyelashes, and so using a good mascara makes for a good makeup look for me without a ton of effort.

That does reflect kind of a general note I have for clean beauty/hygiene products. I wish they could have the same effect as the non-clean ones, they could be as dramatic, as effective, as pigmented, as lengthening, etc. And then there’s the fact that there’s no regulation around the term “clean” so it could mean anything or nothing at all. So I’m kind of not as into spending the extra money on “clean” products at the moment.

I got this in the thick of summer when I was walking to and from work and was worried about how I smelled at work.

The person who is supposedly taking over the sugaring business hasn’t opened up yet, so I’m still trying to do my own hair removal at home.

Good Juju makes some amazing low waste products. I really like everything that I’ve tried from them.

I got given some samples of this retinol at Shoppers when I was doing some stocking up, I don’t know if it’s making a difference (and I’ve destroyed my skin’s texture blowing my nose with this cold) so I don’t know if it’s gotten a fair shot. But I would really like to introduce a retinol into my routine as I get closer to 29.5/30.


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