The Friday Edit: Vol. 11

What I did//

This week I really started getting back into my old spring/summer routine. Well at least the days that were nice and sunny, however I am also exhausted. I think I have to really focus on my sleep routine. I have no energy and am barely getting through my essential tasks. But I was so invigorated by the warmth and sunshine on Monday and Tuesday.

Weekend Reading//

How hobbies helped me overcome perfectionism from Carly.

How to stop always falling asleep during movies.

Adult imaginary friends.

Your phone is ruining your vacation.

How to clean your luggage.

How to spring clean your finances. (I’m really picking up that I am be interested in self-improvement at the moment).

It’s not just you, the quality of clothing has way declined.

“Nice” skin.

Finding play as an adult.

Transitional weather dressing essentials.

A white top round up.

How to actually be helpful when someone else is having a panic attack.

Tips to reduce food waste.

An adorable round up of spring workout clothes.


Admin Professionals’ Day.

What I’m Buying in April.

A Week in Outfits.

Financial Fitness Check-In: March 2023

Caught My Eye//

I have been trying to avoid online shopping and buying clothes so nothing to report here this week.

Weekly Media

All I have been watching is Supernatural, I swear that after season 4 I have never seen any of these episodes before and I for sure thought that I had watched the entire show.

Have a great weekend, get some rest.


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