Admin Professionals’ Day

So this year I do not have an admin assistant for our department, although I do miss him so much. Losing him to another department has even more demonstrated the value of an admin professional and made me even more determined to highlight how important they are to other professionals and that everyone acknowledges admin professionals’ day.

This year Administrative Professionals’ Day is on April 26, 2023. So that gives us nearly two weeks to get it together. I struggle with gift guides because I think that the most valuable and gifts that matter the most to people are those that are personalized to them. Gifts that show that you have actually thought about the individual as a person, rather than just a generic appreciation gift.

One. A chic organizer. There are all sorts of options on this site for virtual planners and paper planners depending on what your admin person prefers.

Two and Three. Personalized stationary. Yeah, yeah I know, who even sends letters anymore, but that is part of why it is such a special gift, especially when personalized. And I’m for promotion of making sending thank you notes easy for people.

Four. Moleskine notebooks. These are a personal favourite of mine, they do make agenda options, but I prefer the blank notebooks because then it is easy to use them for everything, day planning, lists, budgeting, journaling. Everything.

Five. Coffee shop gift cards. I will always encourage a local coffee shop over a chain, but a Starbucks gift card generally goes down smoothly.

Six. A plant for their desk. This generally works best if they are in an office that has windows and is not a chamber of darkness and gloom. Maybe a fake plant for windowless offices?

Also, a note that Admin Professional’s Day is only one single day to appreciate them, but we, the other professionals, need to do better about all the work that they do.


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