The Friday Edit: Vol 8

I missed this post last week, I wrote last week about getting out of a funk, and then promptly continued to be in one, but I spent last weekend really working on things that were bothering me (and while my tailbone still hurts when I sit on it, my back doesn’t hurt anymore which means I can actually do things now!) and I’m feeling much more back to normal now. That does mean that there are lots of things to read this week!

^And partook in some sunny, above 0 March Canadian delusion.

What I Did//

This week was the week I needed. I am feeling so much better, I still have to be careful with how long I sit at any one time, but as long as I am up and down, and don’t try and bend over too soon after getting up in the morning I am super good. I can do almost everything I need to, although I am still not lifting really heavy things.

Work was also a lot better this week. The vibe is so much lighter. It feels so much better.

Weekend Reading//

One of my favourite artists since about 2016 got featured in Nylon in February!

Suki Waterhouse is my current celebrity crush, her TikToks are so fun, her style is so good, and I’m obsessed with her latest album. She has this dreamy, ethereal singing voice on it – I haven’t yet heard her sing alone on the Daisy Jones and the Six show, but I have a feeling her character Karen has a much more powerful voice.

How to get the Daisy Jones and Six ladies’ hairstyles.

I’m in the market for new tights so Grace’s SheerTex review is perfectly timed.

How to build friendships without spending a ton of money.

Ina Garten has renovated her kitchen.

You already know that I love dining out solo.

Look at this kitchen!

I have not been cooking nearly as much this year as I was last year. This list of recipes speaks to me.

I just found this blog, Le Catch, it feels very much like the blogs of yore. It feels like home.

The wellness industry must confront its inherent ableism.

How the polygraph test began, and a brief explainer of how bad it is.

Bags that look used and loved are my favourite.

Does clean beauty have a mould problem or do we just need to actually follow expiry dates?

People who must continue to be older than me.

These cherry cardamom buns sound so delicious (and challenging!).

The three eras created by Russian aggression.

From a harm reduction perspective, I am really, really into the kids’ BORG trend. If you aren’t familiar, college students are buying gallon containers of water, emptying out about half to 3/4 of it into water bottles or plants, and then adding alcohol and flavours through juice or things like Crystal Light or Mio. I am into it because a) they are drinking water and b) it’s a self-contained beverage with a lid, not a communal Gatorade tower or open bucket in a basement that anyone could do anything with (guilty as charged over here). But that article has a HR expert talking about the goods and bads.

Cream jeans for spring.

Five fun, colourful homes.

I loved Carly’s trip report on her and her husband’s weekend in Copenhagen.

The cost of in-patient eating disorder treatment in the United States.

Why does keeping secrets make you feel bad?

Love this guide to Toledo, Spain. I was there back in 2014 and nearly got run over by a bicycle but had a great time.


Lavender Loves.

Financial Fitness Check-in February 2023

A Week-ish in Outfits.

What I Read in February.

And from last week:

Getting out of a Funk.

February in Review.

Caught My Eye//

The entire Daisy Jones x Free People collection. Especially this jacket (that sadly is $800)

Glass vase.

Kelly green shirtdress.

Weekly Media//

If it isn’t already obvious, Daisy Jones and the Six – Amazon Prime.

Supernatural – Where did all the good shows with 14+ seasons go?

Bad on Paper Podcast – always

If Books Could Kill – the newest Michael Hobbs podcast for fans of Maintenance Phase and You’re Wrong About.

Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go

Have a wonderful weekend!


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