February in Review

I hate February, I think it is officially my least favorite month. It is so dark and so cold and thank god it is short in days because it is long in feeling. I think it also especially sucked because I slipped and fell walking to my car from the office and broke my tailbone and most of the month has just been actually physically painful.

I have been making more of an effort to get out of the house during the day on the weekend. This was the first Saturday of the month and I went to the coffee shop, read, journaled and worked on this.

My Valentine’s Day outfit was my favourite outfit this month, and my Mom made me buy it. I was really hesitant about it and I haven’t wore it nearly as much as I should have.

I only had one work trip this month, which was enough for me this month.

I ate a lot of orzo and risotto this month. It just felt comfortable and comforting.

I have been reading a lot about natural disasters and emergency response lately and this meme showed up and made me laugh so hard. It also really does explain it so well.

And then this showed up in my Facebook Memories, what a throwback.

The x-ray of my broken tailbone. This is the more obvious one, the rest of them it just looks like this teeny tiny crack.

The evening light is back. And it makes me so happy.

This made everyone feel ancient.

I’ve gotten really good at getting up and having a nice morning routine.

This past Saturday I was feeling trapped, in this small town, in my body with my broken vertebra, it was feeling very claustrophobic. So I drove two and a bit hours to Kenora to eat in a restaurant, shop in real stores, and just live a little bit. It felt so good. I paid for it on Sunday when I was back to barely moving, but it was worth it.

📍The Black Oven – Kenora. There were also sourdough cinnamon buns, they were selling super fast.

📍Iron and Clay – Kenora

Writing this made me realize that this month didn’t suck as much as I was thinking it did. I made a lot of good moments in February, which is something that I have gotten very good at. It is nice to be reminded of that.

Here’s to the days getting longer, the temperatures warmer, and acting on plans.

Have a great March,


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