A Week-ish in Outfits

High: Saturday – I took the day and went to Kenora to just live a little. Eat out, get a fancy coffee, browse and window shop.

Goal: All I wanted to do this week was heal and get through it. I knew I had to go to work everyday and that it was going to be a draining week, however, I knew I just needed to focus on doing whatever my body needed me to do to get through it.


What I did: half-day in the office and started our “retreat”

What I wore: Sweater – Old – Boutique, Trousers – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: day 2 of the work “retreat”

What I wore: Dress – old – Joe Fresh, Tights – Snag


What I did: Day 3 of the work retreat

What I wore: Jacket – Abel Mountain (available in green), Sweater – Amazon, Pants – Abel Mountain


What I did: Went to Kenora, bought cat litter and groceries

What I wore: Blouse – Old – Reitman’s, Jeans – Madewell

Have a great week!


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