Getting out of a Funk

I struggle in the winter, I have been especially struggling lately – some of the things that I usually rely on to keep me motivated have changed lately and so I haven’t been able to rely on them. So I have been actively working to come up with new and less external ways to prevent what I refer to as menty b’s, also known as a funk, although not exactly the same. A Menty B is a term I learned from Tinx (@tinx on Instagram, a TikToker), who uses them to refer to the mental health blips that we all have, and to me they are a little worse than a funk. They are not mental breakdowns, that is a term I have the fortune to not be able to claim at this point, but just a little menty b.

Happy Music Only

It can be tempting to listen to sad music when you are sad, and sometimes if you want to lean into it you absolutely should. Have your emo kid, rain on the window, sad music playing moment, or if you need a cry but can’t make it happen on your own, then absolutely go for it. However, if you are feeling unstable, go for the happy music. It will lift your mood, it will make you want to sing and dance which will also boost your mood.

Related, I have been using Troy, @HTHaze, as a full on crutch lately. His album reactions have been absolutely saving me lately. We laugh, we cry, we dance, we have an amazing time.

Find Hobbies to Disconnect

I think at this point we all know that being online all the time, scrolling social media, doom-scrolling the news, and so on can do to us. So having hobbies that keep us from not scrolling are important. I needlepoint (although I often watch TV while doing that so I don’t know if that totally counts), reading, and most recently doing puzzles. I’m really enjoying the puzzle actually, although I am now in the hard, background part where it all looks the same – which is a bit like needlepoint now that I think about it. It’s very satisfying to watch it all fill in and you really can’t do it while watching tv or scrolling anything.

I am currently doing this puzzle and loving it.

Prioritize Food and Sleep

This is the barest of self-care, but the most important. Getting enough sleep and calories literally keeps your body functioning.

I also happen to enjoy cooking and baking. I find it peaceful, especially with music playing and maybe a glass of wine (although I do try not to drink when I am approaching menty B). But cooking a good meal and taking the time to chop and focus on the meal really helps to settle me. To soothe me.

Go for Walks

I’m not doing this at the moment with my current injuries, but walks are the very best thing for improving your mood. Fresh air, ideally sunshine, exercise endorphins, they all add up to an amazing mood booster. Bonus points if you listen to a podcast or music that makes you happy, or even better, go with a friend.

Get a Coffee

This can combined with the above for a perfect outing. Getting a coffee out is my favourite activity. Maybe that is lame, but it is true. There is something about putting on a cute outfit, heading to the coffee shop, spending $7 on a coffee, maybe getting a little treat. It’s perfect. Event better if you can sit in and get it in a real mug. Then it’s just wonderful.

That’s it, that’s the list. I try to keep it simple when I am working to get out of a funk, preventing a menty b. These are the things that help bring me back to a better mood. So that I can do other things like my job, have a social life, volunteer, and do all the things that actually make life enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Getting out of a Funk

  1. Back in pre-pandemic times when I was going into an office for work, I had an amazing routine. I would do sun salutations in the mornings, sometimes journal if I woke up early enough, take almost daily walks (weather permitting) after lunch, and going to the gym, eating healthy, going out with friends at least semi-regularly, reading every night before bed, etc. etc. Now I am doing good if I just get in my sun salutations and read a chapter or so of a book before bed. My diet sucks, I get anxiety anytime someone mentions social plans, I never get enough sleep, etc. etc. As much as I say I love working from home, I don’t think I’ve ever actually adapted to it. It’s been 3 years now and I am still struggling with my routine. My menty b’s are sporadic, mostly I feel like I’m apathetic and doing my best to suppress the struggle. Maybe I’m doing better than I feel like I’m doing, but I can’t seem to let go of how things were in the “before times.” Sorry, I know this isn’t therapy hour, haha. I have been wanting to start puzzles lately. I’ve found some fun ones online. There was a cute wine-themed puzzle I found once, but now I can’t remember the brand. If I find it, I’ll let you know! They had several different themes, but when you’re done putting it together I think the idea is to frame it as artwork. It looked really neat.


    1. I totally get it, I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but going into the office really saved me. There would be days during work from home where if I didn’t have work calls I wouldn’t talk to anyone, I would whisper something to make sure that my voice still worked! I never felt right working from home, as much as I enjoyed not having to get up as early and not having to get ready every day, but the structure that the office creates has been so important!


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