The Friday Edit: Vol. 7

What I did//

This week was all about work and rest. We were doing this intense, I don’t know, they are calling it a retreat, but it is wayy too intense for that. There is nothing relaxing or rejuvenating about it. It has been rough – between the back pain and the subject matter it’s just been a lot.

It’s also just been a continuation of cancelling plans, I was planning to host a team dinner since we were actually going to be in the same town for once but I am not really cooking at the moment so I postponed that, but I have no clue when the next time we’ll all be in the same town again.

I also missed Pancake Tuesday, I think I’m going to have to have pancakes for dinner this weekend, because I am astonished and appalled at myself.

Weekend Reading//

I am so obsessed with the Cocaine Bear story. It’s my favourite true crime story, and I can’t believe that it’s actually going to be a real movie.

Are no-spend months like crash diets for your finances?

How to travel to Hawaii and be respectful according to Native Hawaiians.

I think that Suki Waterhouse is one of the coolest musicians, like true rockstar energy, making music right now. This is her tour photodiary.

How Gen Z is challenging the wellness industry.

Are blogs coming back? There is some very thought provoking discussion in this post about the influence of AI-generated content.

I had a feeling Mindhunter wasn’t coming back, it had been so long, but I’m still very sad about it.

I haven’t updated my resume since I got my most recent position in November and I really want to do a full overhaul, I think I will implement some of these tips.

Related-ish: How honest should you be in an exit interview?

A very thorough guide to sustainable shopping.

How to care for yourself through seasonal depression.

Paris Hilton fascinates me, the way she has created this persona to protect herself as a teen and young adult, who she is allowing herself to be now.

The history of Versailles.


A Week-ish in Outfits.

Current Needlepoint Covets.

Caught my eye//

This mini-dress that looks like a sweater and skirt.

This classic shift dress – I love that you can add an inch or get the original length.

This gorgeous eyelet dress.

Weekly Media//

I’ve been exclusively lying on the couch watching Criminal Minds every minute of not being at work this week.

It’s been great.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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