Current Needlepoint Covets

I have very recently gotten back into needlepointing with all of my current downtime, and that has me revisiting my current list of needlepoint related items I am lusting after. So far, the only items I have bought are new stretcher bars and a scroll frame (for really big canvases).

  1. Penny Linn Designs – Berger Post-it Notes. I can see this one finished as a fridge magnet since he famously left the note on the fridge (I think, it could also have been the bathroom mirror, but I still see it as a fridge magnet).
  2. Pip and Roo Designs – Holstein Cow. I grew up on a dairy farm with Holsteins, this feels important.
  3. Penny Linn Designs – Love to a Tennis Player. I can picture this on my couch so clearly. The colours, the tennis humour, all of it.
  4. Penny Linn Designs – Basket Needle Minder. Needle minders are little two sided magnets that you put on your canvas and then put your needle on it when not actively stitching. I tried to buy this one during my last Penny Linn order, but she had sold out and didn’t have one to sell to me after I ordered it.
  5. Pip and Roo Designs – Que Sera Sera. This phrase means what will be will be in Spanish, I truly live my by this. Everything happens for a reason and what will be, will be.
  6. 7. 8. 9. Equestrian themed coasters – Penny Linn Designs. I can pictures these finished in brown leather as coasters on a big coffee table. Boot. Crops. Saddle. Bits.

This is a Morgan Julia Designs fan page. If she has one fan it is me, if she has no fans I do not exist. All of my favourite canvases are designed by her. And they are all stitch-painted so they are nice to stitch.

  1. Gin and Tonic.
  2. Negroni.
  3. Spritz.
  4. Latte.
  5. US Open Cocktail.
  6. Wimbledon Pimms Cup.
  7. Tennis Racket. I see this one finished as a key chain on my tennis bag and I love it so much.

The one thing is, I’m trying to not buy any canvases until I learn how to finish some of stitched canvases before I can buy new canvases. Although, I think I love stitching more than finishing, but I love the finished product so much. I think I need to start saving up for professional finishers, and learn how to trust sending stitched canvases in the mail.

A leap of faith I’m not yet ready for.


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