Friday Favorites: Cozy Season

I experienced my first below -40 day, I think ever, and now all I want to do is curl up under blankets with hot chocolates, teas, and coffees, bowls of soup or pasta and nest. I saw a meme or quote, I’m not sure which it would be, that said “all the other mammals hibernate during the winter but humans decided to maintain summer productivity all year-round”. And that really resonated because I just feel like my brain is moving through mud and like I need 17 hours of sleep every night.

Social Media Favorite: Pinterest

I’ve been really getting back into Pinterest over the past few months. I love how little it has changed in the time since it was invented. It definitely looks different now, but it is still just a place where people share their ideas, home decor, recipes, etc. and it’s still so lovely.

I also make all my vision boards and it’s the only social media I share these posts to because none of my friends follow me there lol.

Movie/TV Favorite: The Harry Potter Series

There is something about the Harry Potter books and movies that just have holiday energy, they are so cozy and wonderful. And I’ve been re-watching them this week (I’m on Prisoner of Azkaban as I write this, and am watching them in order). Also, I own them, I don’t stream them, so I can’t help you find them if like me you live in one of the countries that only has the last four movies on Netflix.

Also, did you know that Lindsay Lohan played Hermione in a SNL Harry Potter themed skit? Although it gets a lot grosser than I thought it would after the teachers get involved.

Podcast Favorite:

I think this is a very first event on this blog, in the nearly two years that I have been writing Friday Favourites, I don’t think there has ever not been a podcast favourite. I love podcasts, but none of the ones I listened to can I even really remember what they were talking about. So no favourite this week.

Random Favorite 1: Outdoor Research Fleece Bucket Hat

This is the most complimented item of anything clothing related I have ever owned. And especially by straight men, it’s so weird. It’s not super warm, but it is very cute.

Also, I just noticed that it’s a men’s hat, which explains why despite my massive noggin it is still too big.

Random Favorite 2: Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Listen, I know that I missed the boat on this, we’re three books on from this original smash success. But I do this thing where if I think I will enjoy something or something I think I will like becomes very popular, I tend to put it off. I don’t know why, I’m not trying to be a hipster, but I do. But this book is SO good and I cannot wait for the mini-series.

I am so looking forward to this weekend, I am planning to just hibernate, clean, watch movies, sleep, read, maybe bake. I was thinking about going to Kenora this weekend, but in terms of financial planning I think it will be better to go next weekend instead (although that will be cutting it very close to Christmas which is nerve-wracking).

Have a great weekend!


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