What I’m Buying in December

It is so interesting to make this post this month, because despite it being December, famously one of the spendiest months of the year. I’m not planning on buying that much? Of course, I didn’t put the Christmas presents I’m buying in the collage (I know my sister sometimes reads this, I don’t think anyone else does), but putting Christmas presents on the internet before Christmas seems like tempting fate to ruin surprises.

one. Home Calendar. I use a paper calendar in my apartment to have a visual of what is going on in the month, just to help keep my head on straight. I don’t put everything on it, not like my mom, but it’s kind of like an overview of what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to go.

two. Work Calendar. I also have a calendar at work that is just a pretty picture and the dates. I don’t write anything on that one, I use my work computer for that because there’s too much and it changes too often. But the pretty picture is important, and the calendar aspect make it feels like it is “allowed” in an office.

three. Indigo blanket. I talked in a recent Friday Favourites about the Indigo/Chapter’s blankets and how wonderful, comfy and warm they are. They are back on special as usual and I decided that this would be the year I finally replace mine.

four. Nespresso Pods. I’m completely out of these and I still haven’t replaced the glass in my French press, so these are the only coffee I have at the moment. So I ordered a bunch of pods, the advent calendar, and a couple holiday flavours.

five. Various Christmas presents for my family, potentially to be revealed later.

six. I bought a stunning wreath at a craft fair this past weekend. It was only $30, in a city it would absolutely have been over $100, it’s so gorgeous.

seven. Christmas tree. Last year I tried to put up my old Christmas tree and it just doesn’t fit well in my apartment, it’s too short and fat. This apartment requires a tall skinny tree. And that is what I got. And OMG pre-lit trees are a god send. And the foot petal to turn the lights on and off, perfection.

The thing that was bothering me about making this, was that there are always things that you see when you are out Christmas shopping that you want to buy for yourself, extra Christmas gifts that you need, entertaining you want to do or go to that end up costing money you weren’t necessarily expecting. And I didn’t know how to include them in this.

How do you handle those kinds of expenses, the ones that you expect, but can’t confirm?


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