The Friday Edit: Vol. 10

What I Did// The past two weeks have been a lot. I have been travelling for work the past two weeks, different places and an assortment of accommodations. That's why I have mostly been missing with writing here lately because I just straight up have not been able to keep up. Although, to be completely … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 10

What a Southerner Needs in a Northern Winter

I see posts in Facebook groups asking what they should buy to survive their first northern winter all the time and honestly, I wish I had had a guide when we moved to Canada (although blogs weren't even a thing then, so a magazine article I guess?), so here is what you need when you … Continue reading What a Southerner Needs in a Northern Winter

Planning for Delta Variant Autumn

So I was going to write this post on the places I would like to visit in Minnesota now that I live quite close to the International Falls/Fort Frances border crossing and supposedly the US border is opening on August 21, but it doesn't really look like that's going to be wise. So let's talk … Continue reading Planning for Delta Variant Autumn