January State of the Union

What a difference a break can make, I was looking back at December's SOTU and I can feel how exhausted I was in my writing. And now after nearly 3 weeks off work and at home/in the city, one full week off the blog, and approaching 4 weeks without work travel I feel so much … Continue reading January State of the Union

Valentine’s Day Movies: aka my Favorite RomComs

This got so long and essentially turned into a list of my favourite romcoms, which I wasn't expecting it to, but as I was googling and looking at other lists I kept going "OMG, that one! I love that one!" so this list exploded and I know I'm missing a ton of classics, but there … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Movies: aka my Favorite RomComs

Friday Favorites: 01/14/22

It definitely took me a while to get back into the swing of real life after the holidays, but I finally feel like I'm back. Just in time for the weekend, but you know we take what we can get. I'm actually quite pleased this week, one of the vaccine clinics I helped with organizing … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 01/14/22

Northern Diaries: Plans for Christmas and New Years in Southern Ontario

I am so excited to be heading home and to bop around Southern Ontario for 17 days (well four of those will be driving to and from Southern Ontario). I am a bit worried that Ms. Omicron will ruin this for me, but I am keeping my vaccinated fingers and toes crossed in hope. I … Continue reading Northern Diaries: Plans for Christmas and New Years in Southern Ontario

Friday Favorites

Honestly, yesterday, Thursday, I was having a sad day. Work was really getting me down. Working in public health is getting really hard, I can't stop caring about encouraging people to get vaccinated, I can't stop patiently having conversations with people about masks and vaccines and physical distancing and mental health and coping methods and … Continue reading Friday Favorites

November in Review

Did anyone else kind of miss the mess that is getting ready for a night out, getting ready has always been one of the most fun parts of going out. My friend brought over this gold flake champagne, I didn't actually have any of it, but it sure looked pretty in the dishes the next … Continue reading November in Review

Christmas Movie Marathon

Even though I haven't lived in the USA since 2006 I still mark the start of the Christmas season by American Thanksgiving. I do not start listening to Christmas music, I do not watch holiday movies, I often don't even start my Christmas shopping before American Thanksgiving. But American Thanksgiving was this past Thursday and … Continue reading Christmas Movie Marathon

Sunday Scroll

This is a discussion for another day, but this is a lot harder to keep up with as my life gets busier. I know we joke about this, with the "I know my friends are doing better when they are almost never posting on social media" memes and tweets. But it is hard to prioritize … Continue reading Sunday Scroll

Movies I CANNOT Wait To See

This will feel unrelated, but I promise it is. I love Christmas, I always look forward to it. However, this year I think that I am even more excited to be going home and close to an urban area, and hopefully spending some time in Toronto and Guelph and I am so excited to have … Continue reading Movies I CANNOT Wait To See

Saturday Scroll

This morning is the first sunny day here in like 9 days and I am loving it so much. It's supposed to get grey and start raining again this afternoon, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Short weeks sometimes feel so much longer than normal 5-day work weeks because you have so much to … Continue reading Saturday Scroll