Saturday Scroll

This morning is the first sunny day here in like 9 days and I am loving it so much. It’s supposed to get grey and start raining again this afternoon, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Short weeks sometimes feel so much longer than normal 5-day work weeks because you have so much to get done. Although I am loving that I still have Thanksgiving leftovers to work through, I ate the last of the pumpkin cheesecake last night and it was still really great.

Also, I am not a get up with the sun person, but we are at the time of year where the sun is getting up with me, and look at that cover photo!

I’m internally debating between buying winter tires or a couch with the pet sitting money I am making this month, but of course I have now been looking at couches anywhere and everywhere and debating between white and a coloured couch. I’m starting to really lean towards having a more deeply coloured apartment rather than a clean and white apartment. More jungalow and less California Coastal.

Like this!

Every blogger and their photographer was in Europe this week. Grace went to Vienna for 3 days and I am having serious wanderlust.

Related in every blogger went to Europe this week content. Also I literally cried when I recognized some of the Madrid streets.

All the movie, TV, books, and music coming out in the next few weeks.

I relate to this so much: when to drop a routine.

The best dark academia books.

These stories of kindness made me weep.

I don’t think I could pick Addison Rae out of a crowd, all I know is that she is one of the original famous TikTokers, but she has been permanently banned and I am really interested to see if she is able to pivot (we don’t know why she was banned).

I don’t really wear nail polish, but if I do it is a deep purple or burgundy, so Adele bringing that trend back in her new music video is cool with me!

If you are inspired to watch Brittany Murphy movies after the release of the new documentary about the end of her life, this is a great list.

I’ve been really enjoying everything Megan Batoon, of Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals fame.

I’ve been talking all summer about how preppy fashion is back in style, and I always dress this way, it just suits me best, but it is really nice when your personal style is trendy again.

Why Hocus Pocus is still relevant, beyond nostalgia.

Stanley Tucci.

Kacey Musgrave’s new album star-crossed is superb and definitely still has a country sound isn’t being considered a country album by the power-that-be at the Grammy’s and we are annoyed. And it’s just another symptom of country music as an institution only embracing change when a white man leads it. Also bro-country is the worst sub-genre, even worse than screamo.

I cannot afford these boots, they also will not fit my calves, but I’m sooooo in love with them.

How to manage phone addiction, when we literally need our phones for so many tasks.

I have so many ramen recipes saved on my Instagram, but this one looks so delicious.

Paula Sutton, one of my favourite long-term Instagram follows, recently published a book that looks stunning.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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